7 of the Best Ways to Transport Your Car

Transporting your car can seem like a hassle, but there are many ways to get your car from point A to point B. For international transport, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a car transport company or car shipping company to figure out the paperwork needed for importing and exporting. 

Every transport company will offer different levels of service for varying price points. Whether you are looking for door-to-door service or a more flexible drop-off and pick-up, there is a transport company ready to help you. 

Here are 7 of the best ways to transport your car:

Transport Truck:

Starting with the most common option, transport trucks are seen driving the highways all over the nation. They move cars for dealerships, company cars, and personal vehicles. Trucks can hold multiple cars at once, lowering the overall cost of transport. On open-air trucks, your car will be exposed to the elements during transportation, including rain, snow, cold, and heat. 

Open-air trucks are not an issue if your car is not going too far or traveling through a mild climate. If you want your car to be protected from the weather and the dust of the road, a closed container shipment is another option. This option will increase the cost, but you can rest assured that your car is protected on its journey. 

Cargo Ship:

Cargo ships are the go-to option for overseas shipping, vehicles included. You will likely need to work with a professional cargo company to ensure all the paperwork is done correctly. Sharing a container with other vehicles can lower costs but increase wait time if they are dropped off late or need to be delivered to a different location once docked at port. 

Overseas transport has some drawbacks as the travel times can be dramatically altered for weather delays. Most companies will offer a delivery window of when to expect your car in your new city. 


Some trains allow for shipping containers to contain cars or for them to be transported open-air. If you are traveling between cities connected by train lines, this could be a viable option. They are a reliable form of transport and aren’t subject to the same traffic delays as trucks. 

Train transport won’t be available in all areas, but it is something to look into. To ship your car by train, you may also be required to ride the train yourself. This raises the shipment cost, but you can rest assured that your car will get there when you do. 


One of the most extravagant methods to ship a car is by plane. While this option is out of the price range for most of the population, a select few choose to ship their cars by plane. Many of the cars shipped by plane are worth a large sum of money and are one-of-a-kind vehicles. Unless you have a Ferrari or McLaren, plane travel may be overreaching. 

Professional Driver:

A personalized option is to hire a professional driver to drive your car to your destination. If you don’t want to worry about your car being on a transport truck and you don’t mind the added miles on the odometer, hiring a professional driver may be the best fit. 

These drivers are best for shorter distances where the cost for the driver to travel back home isn’t too high. If the price for the driver to fly home is greater than the cost of the transport, it can offset the benefits. 

Non-Professional Driver:

Do you have a friend that loves to drive? If you do, consider hiring them to drive your car to your new home. You can drive the rental truck, and they can drive the car. If you’re lucky, they might even help you unload when you get to your new home. Hiring a friend comes with risks, as does any road trip. There could be traffic or bad weather that delays the trip. 

Road Trip:

One of the most enjoyable options is the road trip option. If you need to get your car across the country and aren’t pressed for time, consider taking a road trip with your family or a friend. Stop at notable locations along your way and enjoy the journey. If you have an extra day, stop by a national park or a state park and go for a walk. Your legs will thank you after the long drive. 

A road trip is a great way to start something new. Your new city will feel like a new adventure rather than a hurdle. 

Things to Remember:


When shipping with a reputable company, they will assist you with the proper paperwork needed to export/import a car. If they don’t offer assistance, that could be a red flag, and you should consider looking elsewhere. 


Take the proper steps in preparing your car for transport. Remove any aftermarket items that could be damaged or stolen, including spoilers, stereos, antennas, etc. Take out any valuables from the glove box or center console. It is unlikely your car will be broken into during transport, but it is best to take precautions. 

Take Photos: 

Take pictures of your car before you drop it off at the transport company. Any dings or scratches that happen during transport cannot be claimed if there is no proof they occurred after you dropped off your car. 

Expect Delays:

Weather is the most apparent delay for shipping any item, but with large items, it can play a significant role. Large trucks may have to pull over during heavy rain or snow and wait for it to pass, and ships may have to wait out a storm or go around it. If you expect the possible delay, it will be much less of a shock when it happens. 

Focus on the Future:

Transporting your car and moving to a new city is stressful and can be overwhelming. Take a step back to focus on what your new life will be rather than what you are dealing with now. If you imagine yourself in your new home, starting your new life, it is much easier to deal with the insignificant problems of the day. 

There are many options to choose from when you decide to ship your car, and there is no one right answer for everyone. Choose what fits your budget and your life. The right car transport company is out there waiting for you. Do your best to prepare your car for transport, so the process is as seamless as possible.