6 Tips to Find a Reliable EV Charge Manufacturer in China

Electrification of transport is gaining worldwide attention. Industry and governments are working to reduce carbon emissions and tackle the growing urban pollution problem. Electric vehicles offer a viable solution to these issues and will see an uptrend in adoption over the coming years. Local governments are imposing increasing restrictions on car ownership and implementing new taxes and levies on petrol-powered cars. As a result, demand for electric vehicle manufacturing services has increased significantly in recent years. This article lists 5 tips to help you find a reliable EV charger manufacturer in China.

  • Why Should I Choose to Buy EV Chargers from a Chinese Manufacturer?

The Chinese EV market is one of the fastest-growing global markets with the most reputable products that have a promising positive trend in the future. If you are experiencing challenges in sourcing EVs, the Chinese market offers a wide range of dependable EV chargers manufacturers with a comprehensive reputation for various EV chargers. Additionally, their EV chargers come with different power ratings and warranties for different car models.

5 Tips to Find a Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer in China

  • Research how solid the EV charger manufacturer is.

Below are some things that would help you validate your EV manufacturer’s solid.

  • Run D&B reports to help you assess the creditworthiness of your chosen EV manufacturer. The information includes the manufacturer’s commercial credit, and fiscal stress details.
  • Check the length of the period that the manufacturer has been in the EV Chargers manufacturing business. Notably, the manufacturer’s history can predict its future performance.
  • Check if the manufacturer has their physical address, which you can probably visit to get firsthand details.
  • The number of EV Chargers the manufacturer has installed and their success story.
  • The manufacturer’s headquarters location.
  • The professionalism of the manufacturer’s website.
  • Check out the EV charger quality of the manufacturer.

To check out the EV charger’s quality, below are some things you need to ascertain. 

  • The quality of your EV charger manufacturer. The most widely accepted quality standard and the process is ISO 9001, which is governed multinationally.
  • Request for an EV charger demo or sample to help evaluate the manufacturer’s product’s quality. Keenly close-examine their chargers to check their design and construction quality.
  • Verify the EV charger charging power since different car models come with a variety of charging requirements. Thus, you should be keen on EV charger power ratings.
  • The competitiveness of the EV manufacturer’s product prices.
  • Check the EV chargers’ warranty terms, which should bear effectiveness in terms of cost and being able to meet your requirements.
  • Determine the level of support you can get from the EV charger manufacturer.

You should contact the EV charger salesperson to check out the data you require about their product,  the purchasing procedure, installation guidance or services and manufacturer’s warranty services. Therefore, you should not only depend on downloadable information on the EV charger manufacturer’s website as most web details are not regularly updated.

  • See the previous EV project from your manufacturer.

Close-examine the manufacturer’s previous EV projects by requesting data from the firm to gauge whether the manufacturer can deliver the requested volume and quality of EV chargers. You can also request a copy of the purchase order from the previous project. This document will show the details of the project, like the number of devices the manufacturer was contracted to produce in the past. It can help you determine if the manufacturer has experience creating a large number of devices. 

  • Know about the delivery time of your EV charger manufacturer.

Different manufacturing companies will have diverse delivery times. The best way to verify if your EV charger manufacturer can meet the agreed delivery schedule is to request samples. If they fail to deliver the samples as per the agreed delivery period, there is a high likelihood that they will not promptly deliver your bulk EV charger orders.

While finding a reliable manufacturer for your EV chargers can be challenging, it is essential to do your research. Finding a manufacturer that has experience producing similar devices and can meet your timeline will help you avoid creating unnecessary delays. Additionally, working with a reliable manufacturer will help you avoid unnecessary costs and headaches. With the tips listed above, you should have no trouble finding a reliable manufacturer for your EV chargers.