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9 Ways to Complement Your Outfit With the Right Watch

Imagine you are to meet a girl at a blind date and you are all dressed up from top to bottom. You see her all beautiful and sitting and waiting for you.
You both talk and she seems impressed by you, but then she asks you what the time is and BAMM, you show that digital stopwatch with the rubber band. LOST HER.

The first impression has been ruined. Believe me, people (women especially) notice the details, and like every fashion aspects in watches too details play a big role. A perfect watch should be unnoticeable… like almost. Just silently complementing your outfit and subtle to not distract it.

There are various types of watches but you should know which watch complements which outfit and what occasion, there are chronograph watches, digital watches, leather belt watches and smart watches.

So how to decide which watch will team perfectly with the outfit? Keep the following points in mind:

Some watches will work with every outfit. You may need at least two in your wardrobe. Metal bands are easier to match than leather, but leather can appear more trendy and natural. The colours of all your metals should match (wedding bands get an exception to the rule), and the colours of all your leathers should match. That means your watchband needs to go with the other metals and/or leathers in the outfit.

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Don’t wear a very showy watch with formal attire and wear trendier watches with casual outfits. Understand your options and take the time to shop around a bit until you find a style you like. So flaunt a classy watch. Choose a nice one, so that you can check it without ruining the formality of your best suit. Choose a sturdy one, so that you can take it outdoors, on airplanes, in the water, and anywhere else your travels take you. Choose a brand new one with all the latest technology or wear your great-grandfather’s heirloom – but wear a wristwatch.



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