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Watch Out For MAY28

Before I get in to the detailed review of this watch, let me tell you how this venture began. I have a friend whose birthday is coming up soon. Now this is no ordinary friend, he has nailed the art of gift giving to the t. For any occasion he is the one who gives the most thoughtful and perfect gift. You may think wow what a great friend, but guys such people are really hard to gift. This year I wanted to one up him at his game and gift him something that renders him speechless. I zeroed in on a gifting a watch. Now for the hard part, there are millions of brands and options, but I wanted something unique. Something hard to come by plus I was on a budget. I want to surprise and outdo him but not at the cost of selling my kidney. That’s when I came across the May28 website.

I really loved their website. It is extremely user friendly. Their designs were creative, fresh, and unlike anything I had seen. Plus they were affordable and in my budget. At first I thought of going for their Customise your own watch option but then I came across their new line of Architect watches. Did I mention my friend is also an architect? Well if that’s not a sign then what is. I really liked this one watch. It has a nice stainless steel square dial with a design like that of a floor plan. It was really cool and would be perfect for him. The band was made using silicone. It was water resistant too. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, for smooth shipping and delivery.

May28 is based in Latvia and I am nowhere near there. Now this made me a little anxious but a quick communication with the May28 team was all it took to get me sorted. The watch arrived safe and sound. The packaging was good, I liked the box in which it came too. It was designed in line with their architect theme.

The watch is a-may-zing! It is light, the band is smooth and it came with a battery. It has a nice sound too. Yes I am one of those people who look out for things like these. Overall I am very happy with it. I think the May28 watches are great for people looking for fashion watches which are unique and can add something to their personality.

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