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The Watch Guide- Pros & Cons Of 4 Different Types Of Watches

Complete Watch Guide- Types, Styles, Belts, Pros & Cons, Etc

The Watch Guide- Pros & Cons Of 4 Different Types Of Watches

If you want to buy a new watch or already have one but confused how to style it in the right way you have absolutely landed on the right blog. Here is a complete watch guide from the types of watches, types of watch belts, pros and cons of different watches to do’s and don’ts. We have tried to cover all the aspects of watches you would like to know about. Read the entire blog on watch guide and excel in watch styling.

Watch Guide for men

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Watch Guide: 4 Different Types Of Watches With Its Pros & Cons:

1. Mechanical Watch:

It is technically a type of watch that works with the help of a spring. Mechanical watch is a real timepiece of great history, craftsmanship and refinement.

Pros Of Mechanical Watch:

Its tactile
Adds character to your personality
Needs no battery to work
Its hand movements are smooth

Cons Of Mechanical Watch:

It’s quite expensive than other watches
Time shown is not very accurate
Need regular winding for smooth functioning
It’s sensitive and can’t be worn in moist or dusty environment.

2. Automatic Watch:

They are also called self- winding watches. Basically it’s similar to mechanical watches but uses detailed gears to move the hands of the watch.

Pros Of Automatic Watch:

No need of batteries
Adds class to your look
Effortless movement
No need of winding the watch

Cons Of Automatic Watch:

Foil inside the watch can gum up easily
Its accuracy is comparatively low
Because of its engineering its highly expensive
Watch winder is need to store it

3. Quartz Watch:

Quartz is the most commonly used watches by men because it’s affordable and accurate. It works with the help of electricity generated by the use of small battery.

Pros Of Quartz Watch:

Low maintenance besides the battery
It’s long lasting and durable
Gives accurate time
Available in affordable price range

Cons Of quartz Watch:

Lack the charm and thus doesn’t enhance the personality
Hand movement is not smooth compared to other watch types.
Battery needs to be changed regularly
Sensitive and can stop working

Watch Guide - quartz watch

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4. Smart Watch:

A smart watch basically a wearable computer screen on the wrist which include function like calculations, Bluetooth, Mobile applications, games and many more. It is one on the latest and trendy watch type.

Pros Of Smart Watch:

Quick access to applications
One can make voice calls too
Gives the wear a cool look
Shows accurate time

Cons Of Smart Watch:

Costly than cell phones
Hardware maintenance is needed
Low battery life
Not seen as a fashion accessory but a tech gadget

Watch Guide: 3 Different Styles Of Watch & How to Pair It With Right Outfit:

1. Dress Watch:

Dress Watch is a formal watch with classic designs. You can style it with formal suits, blazer or dress shirt or formal occasions like cocktail party, wedding, reception and business meeting.

2. Field Watches:

It comes with black base and white numbers mostly which can be styled with casuals as well as formals. You can style it to office or any other semi-formal occasion.

3. Aviator Watch:

It’s a casual one with chronographs, luminous numerals and start button. You can style it with denim or chino with casual shirt or t shirt for dinner or movie date.

Watch Guide: 5 Different Types Of Watch Belts Men Should Know:

1. Leather Belt
2. Canvas Belt
3. Suede Belt
4. Rubber Belt
5. Metal Belt

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