The Dos and Don’ts in Wearing Men’s Jewelry

Fashion is one of the ways that let people freely express themselves. It uses their creativity and imagination in showing everyone their personal style. You can take inspiration from the different fashion styles, such as bohemian, artsy, casual, preppy, trendy, punk, vintage, etc., and add your touch, making the style unique and more of your own. 

There are many components, including colors, fabrics, shoes, and jewelry, that you need to mind when choosing attire. Unfortunately, for many men, jewelry is often overlooked because many think they’re only a minute detail and therefore unimportant. 

However, your accessories are what makes your outfit complete. Clothes and accessories create a harmony that expresses who you are. 

What You Should Do

The following tips are worthy of remembering the next time you plan your outfit.  

Find the Best Jewelry Based on Your Skin Tone

You may wonder why certain metals look better on you than others; your skin tone plays a big part in this. There are three (3) types of skin tones: cool, warm, and neutral. 

To identify what skin tone you have, check the veins’ color in your arm under natural light., Cool skin tones will show blue or purple veins, while warm tones will show you green veins. Neutral skin tones will show all blue, purple, and green veins. 

People with warm skin tones are suitable with yellow metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, and brass. Silver, platinum, and white gold are the best metals for people with cool skin tones. Lastly, people with a neutral skin tone can wear both yellow and white metals.   

Match Your Metals  and Stones

After knowing what metals suit you based on your skin tone, try to stick with it. Having two or more metal tones in one attire may cause color clash and make you look gaudy. This also holds true with precious stones used in your jewelry. Wearing multiple jewelries with different stones may cause you to look excessive and flamboyant. 

However, there may be an instance where one piece of jewelry, such as a wedding band or watch, does not match your other jewelry. You do not have to fret in this situation. You can still wear the jewelry but be sure to match your other accessories with their style and color. Consider what your overall look would be, and you can make it work. 

Yes, matching your metal looks good, but this rule is not something you should strictly follow. Experiment and find what combination of jewelry you have looks best on you. 

Use Jewelry with Right Proportion

Your body type also plays a significant role in choosing your jewelry. The jewelry you wear should be proportioned to your body. If you are a guy with big hands, get bigger rings; if you have a wide neck, use longer necklaces; and if you have a thin wrist, watches with a smaller diameter will suit you best. 

Wearing unproportioned jewelry would only make you look awkward and make you uncomfortable. Get pieces of jewelry in proportion to your body to make you look more put together.  

Wear Appropriate Jewelry Based on Occasion

Don’t forget to tailor your jewelry to the place and occasion that you will attend. You cannot expect to wear a gigantic gold chain in your job interview or massive ruby rings while attending a funeral. Wearing earrings while you’re in a suit is also considered inappropriate. 

Pieces of jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones are approved in a formal setting, and expensive jewelry is encouraged when you want to impress a business client. Consider the written and unwritten dress codes to fit into the event that you have to go to.  

What You Shouldn’t Do

The following are the things that you should avoid doing to improve your fashion style.  

Don’t Show Off

The first thing you want to avoid when wearing jewelry is to show off. Jewelry should match not only your clothes but also your personality. Showing off your status with money and jewelry will make people assume that you are insecure about something. Wearing multiple jewelry with prominent branding will make you look ostentatious and over the top.   

Don’t Over Accessorize 

Stacking jewelry with each other is a big NO. When wearing pieces of jewelry, less is more. Remain minimalist to avoid over-accessorizing. Using too many rings in one hand or too many bracelets in your arms will only make you look overloaded. Having too much jewelry is distracting to look at, and they can throw your outfit off-balance.  

Don’t Use Oversize Jewelry

Using oversized jewelry will bring attention to that part of your body. They are attention-catching, but they can also be too much and make you look like you’re showing off. Be subtle in the jewelry you wear. They are used to provide details to complement and complete the whole look, not to steal the spotlight and make you look like a cheap mobster.  


Your personal style in fashion and attire should not only be about looking good and impressing everyone. The way you dress declares a statement on who you are and represents a part of your identity.

Pieces of jewelry are an essential factor in achieving that goal. They give details that highlight your taste, personal style, and preference. Knowing the different rules of wearing men’s jewelry can make you stand out rather than look like a sore thumb in the crowd.