Plastic Frames V/S Metal Frames- Which Frame Is Right For You?

Here’s a little guide to help you choose the best frame for your eyewear!

If you’re planning to buy a pair of glasses for yourself, there will be a list of factors to consider before buying one. You may need something that not only meets your needs but also fulfills your wants. The perfect pair of glasses will not just improve your vision but also add to your style and personality. The color, material, design, shape and size of your glasses will play a major role in your overall look. While choosing the material of the frame you may have to choose between- metal or plastic frames.

It is important to have a clear and basic idea about the frame. So here’s a guide to help you choose the right frame for your glasses.

Plastic Frames  V/S  Metal Frames- Which One Is Right For You?

To be precise, there is no one particular frame that is perfect for all. You can choose the right frame for yourself, keeping several factors in mind. These factors include durability, affordability, style, color, etc. Once you have a handle on these you can choose wisely.

Now let’s not waste more time and get on to know more about these frames.

Plastic Frames


  • If you’re looking for frames that are budget friendly, then you must opt for plastic frames as they are comparatively cheaper than metal frames.
  • The saturated colors,beautiful patterns and style is very appealing to kids and infants.
  • They are perfect to create a bold statement.
  • The thicker frames help in preventing high prescriptions.
  • Plastic frames come with no nickel, so there are less chances of allergy, especially metal allergy.


  • Plastic frames are usually high maintenance. So be ready to visit the optician for regular adjustments.
  • There are no nose pads which means that particular part of the frame cannot be adjusted.
  • Skin exposure and environmental elements may lead to dullness of frames and this is why you will need to change the frames every few years.

Metal Frames


  • Metal frames give a very minimalist and conservative look making it suitable for adults.
  • These frames are very trendy and will surely add an edge to your style.
  • They are lightweight and a lot thinner compared to plastic frames.
  • These frames are durable which means less visits to the optician.
  • They are adjustable and also have nose pads which makes them a more comfortable option than the other.
  • Perfect for people who have an active and vigorous lifestyle.


  • Metal frames are a little pricey than plastic frames.
  • Not suitable for people with metal allergies. However, if you still wish to buy a metal frame opt for a titanium one.
  • There are high chances of the metal frame breaking at the temple joints if there are no spring hinges.

We hope this little guide helps you choose the right frame. If you’re still confused and can’t decide then worry no more because you can still have something that is a mix of both.