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Top Trends in Men’s Jewellery for Summer 2021

“Dressing well is a form of good manners,” said top designer Tom Ford, but these days, being fashionable involves getting every detail right – including your jewellery pieces. Paris, London, New York and Milan have shown the importance of men’s jewellery when it comes to ‘sealing’ an item. From cool Cuban chains to naif teddy bear necklaces, men’s jewellery is more creative than ever, with the line between men’s and women’s items becoming increasingly blurred. If you want to invest in one or two cool jewellery items this season, take note of the following trends and whichever you opt for, make sure it expresses your personal flair.

Back to Nature

Top high-end fashion firms like Dior are making nature an important part of their jewellery lines, with latest collections including pendants of bees, bears, foxes, snakes, and other cute creatures of the forest. The key to keeping it cool while celebrating the wonder of nature with almost childlike glee, is to opt for wild animals that also strike a cute chord. For something a little less naif, opt for a wide cuff bracelet (currently sold by Gucci) decorated in leaf patterns in materials like silver and enamel.

Mixed Materials

Classic firms have been mixing metals for the past decade or so, with white, yellow, and rose gold blending beautifully in men’s rings and cuff bracelets. These days, however, the trend involves more than metal. As noted by Nelson Coleman Jewelers, materials such as wood in wedding bands, combined with white gold or platinum, are adding a playful, creative touch to otherwise ‘serious’ jewellery items. You don’t need to exclusively don items that bear mixed materials in the same piece. Layer up necklaces, bracelets, and rings in different materials.

Layering Chains

Cuban chains have been big for the past five years or so, but this season, it’s all about sporting them in more than one width. Chains in brass, resin, and silver look fantastic in various shapes and sizes. Thus, your layered necklaces should each have their own pattern and style. The more unique each piece is, the better so make sure to shop from different designers until you build a uniquely chosen collection. When it comes to bracelets, opt for intricately carved, wide cuffs graced with vibrant stones such as green resin, which will really turn heads and add life to your look.

Double Wrap Leather is Back

If you have parents that grew up in the 80s or you yourself are a Generation X-er, it’s time to pull out your double belts and wrap around accessories and jewellery items. Double wrap leather bracelets in particular are big. Don’t opt for simple leather, though; make sure it is embellished with intricately carved silver pieces, ideally bearing the nature-filled influences mentioned above.

Tantalizing Tassels

Tassels are big for men and women alike, in necklaces and bracelets. This handy system, with a selected piece (go for forest inspired figures) ‘closing off’ the chain at the right length, makes pieces suitable for all neck and wrist sizes. Layer a tassel necklace with other finer pendant necklaces, Pair them up with an open cuff bearing carved logos or other detailed crafting.

Summer is a fantastic season with bare skin providing countless opportunities to show off cool designer pieces. From open cuff bracelets to beautiful carved pendants and necklaces, there is a wide array of silver, gold, and brass pieces that can be layered or worn alone. Creative silverwork is big, as are mixed metals and unique materials like wood, resin, and ceramic. Find the inspiration you need in your favorite celebrities but always opt for pieces you connect with on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.