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Why Custom Ties Are Great Gift Ideas

One of the most difficult person to find a gift for is the men in your life. There are just so little options and it is not unheard of to spend countless hours looking for that perfect gift for your husband, father, brother or even friend. You must be out of your mind if you go to a store without any idea or plan as what gift to choose, you might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack. You will soon realize that it is a futile effort to look for a gift for your male friends and family members in a department store, where everything seems the same, and will probably cost more than you are willing to spend for. In this times, you would want to give a gift that is special and meaningful and one that will suit the personality of the recipient, and at the same time will not cost you heaps of money. For this, you do have a variety of options, you could go for wallets, bags, shirts or even the more manly types like power tools, gadgets and the like. However, all of which will seriously be expensive. Custom ties are one of the greatest gift ideas you could ever have.

Ties have character, it is a special piece of garment that can be used to convey that you were thinking about your recipient when you decided to give them one. Almost everyone will wear a necktie at some point in their lives, and it can be used whenever they want to, it will complement their existing outfit and this is one gift where you can actually match it to the personality of the one you are giving it to. Most of all, aside from the ties you can find in the malls, there are now custom made ties which you can choose from.

Why Custom Ties?

Ties have also made a comeback in the last few years. In the past, it seemed to be an outdated accessory which was either too long or too wide to help improve the look of the one wearing it. With its updated version, the ties of today are narrower, perfect in length and are available in so many colors and prints. For sure, if you go to a mall, you will find maybe a hundred or more kinds of ties but custom made ties are more personal, more unique and special and you can choose one to reflect the personality and style of your recipient. The malls generally do not offer customization, so that you need a specialty store for this. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that an online store that offers custom ties is the answer to your problem. The online store makes it easier for you to buy that perfect necktie for your boyfriend, husband, father, brother or son. Moreover, you do not even have to travel or commute, or be hassled in spending so much time picking out the gift, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Where to Order Custom Ties

The internet had changed the way we shop and do business altogether, most specialty stores that offer custom made products have found their niche in the online market. You can find stores that sell ties of all kinds, shapes, colors and prints. And to make it more. Unique, you can also ask them to make something from your own design or you can mix and match their existing designs. You can add monograms, or crests, or even a certain print or a unique color combination.

Ordering is so easy, you just need to pick out the shape of the necktie that you want and specify its length depending on who will be using it. You would not want to make the mistake of ordering a custom necktie that is too long or too short. Thankfully, most online stores have a chart or measurement guide to take out the guesswork of which length is the proper one. After making sure you have the correct length, you can then choose which material you want, it can range from silk to cashmere to wool, whichever it is you think would best suit your special someone’s personal taste. You can also go out of the box and choose something that you have not seen them wear yet.

You then specify the design and color that you want your necktie to have, the designs can be from any of the store’s preset designs which you can browse from their store, or maybe there is this design that you want that is not in the store, you can ask if they can make it for you or source it for you. You can add prints or letters or graphic designs that you feel ill represent the personality of your recipient. Maybe he likes floral designs, or abstract art, you can actually include this in your custom ties so that the necktie he will receive is a unique one. This will undoubtedly make your recipient feel very special. That you have taken the time and effort to find them a gift that is really about them.

You can then place your order and the store will process your order and tell you if they are able to fulfill it or not, or if they need to change some part of the design and would you agree to it. All in all, they will not make the necktie if it has not been approved by you, and you can also change your mind in case you do not like what you have designed at firs. They will give you a sample before you actually give your final decision. After which, they will then proceed to make your custom ties and inform you when it will be delivered. You can also request for it to be packaged in a gift box and have it sent directly to the person you are giving the gift to. But if you prefer to give it in person, then have it shipped to your doorstep.