Creative & Surprising Gift Ideas for Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Love makes your world go round. That’s what happens when you find true love! If you found your true love, you’re lucky because not everyone finds their better-half in this complicated world. In case you married your true love, you are blessed. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with utter joy and make sure you do something fun yet heartwarming.

 Different couples choose to celebrate their wedding anniversary differently. However, you need to get him/her a gift for the first ever wedding anniversary. As someone who is new to relationships and love, you might find it difficult to pick a gift for your wedding anniversary. We’ve all been there, mate! How about we give you some creative and surprising personalized gift ideas for your wedding anniversary? 

We have listed some of the finest personalized gifts for her. Well, most of them are quite pocket-friendly. Let’s begin! 

  1. Compact Mirror for your Beauty 

Women love the idea of dressing up and wearing makeup. They may or may not be a moon in the sky, but treat your lady like she is a walking talking full moon. How about gifting her a compact mirror for little touch-ups? She can use it anytime and slip it into her purse. 

You might feel that it isn’t a romantic gift, but you turn it into the sweetest gift by personalizing it. There are some online stores that engrave a name or a message on products. You can get this compact mirror engraved. Choose an eCommerce platform that will do the engraving for free. 

Here are some options for you: 

  • Heart-shaped beaded compact mirror 

It will cost less than $20. Moreover, it has a wonderful design. Women like pretty things and this one’s perfect. Usually, stores will allow you to get three lines engraved. Pick a good line or a word. 

  • Full color photo personalized compact mirror 


    Women will always carry a compact mirror because they need to check if everything’s in place or not. Well, we wouldn’t want to stereotype, but if your girl loves to doll up, then a compact mirror is a good gift. You can personalize it by getting a full colour cover on it. eCommerce platforms will ask you to upload the photograph and that’s how the cover will get a custom photo. 

Once she receives it, she will be overjoyed. 

  1. Put a ring on it 

You will get two types of rings: personalized rings and birthstone rings. If you don’t have the budget for buying diamonds, a cubic zirconia or a birthstone ring would suffice. It looks pretty and women love birthstone rings in different colours. It is one of the best personalized gift ideas for your wedding anniversary. 

We have some really pretty options for you right here: 

  • Personalized infinity ring 

A sterling silver ring with cubic zirconia looks fabulous. It will have an infinity sign which symbolizes eternal or forever love. This is just your first anniversary, but we’re sure that you’re going to celebrate a hundred more. 

With this eternity ring, you will sweep her off her feet. It costs less than $20, you could spend the extra cash on a romantic dinner. Perhaps buy a beautiful outfit for her. The good part about this ring is that you can get it engraved it. Engrave your wedding anniversary date or a heart with your and her name. 

  • Sterling Silver clear heart ring with CZ 

This beauty right here is stunning, and most women love it. There is a clear heart in the centre and it sparkles and shines all through the night. Cubic zirconia looks stellar on a woman’s dainty finger. You can gift this beauty to your wife – don’t forget to bring her some flowers. 

To make this gift a little more thoughtful, you can get it engraved. Most men opt for the wedding date or the names. You could get an ‘I love you’ engraved. 

It’s an elegant ring and costs less than $20. You’ve already placed a diamond on her finger on the engagement day, but this one’s special. She will remember it for the rest of her life. 

  1. Jewellery Box 

You’ve given enough trinkets. How about gifting her a jewellery box where she can keep everything safely? 

Of course, you can give her cubic zirconia rings or a pendant that says, ‘I love you.’ But a pretty jewellery box is something every woman treasures. You can get heart-shaped, circular, and square-shaped jewellery boxes. 

Let’s take a quick look! 

  • Heart-Shaped Jewellery Box 

If you have set a budget of $100 for the wedding anniversary gift, buy her a ring, a pendant, and a pretty jewellery box. This heart-shaped beauty is made of stainless steel. It has enough space to keep all her trinkets. She will love the shape, finish, and also the personalization. Yes, you can get it engraved with her name. This way nobody can steal her box because it will have her name on it. 

Isn’t it one of the cutest personalized gift ideas for your wedding anniversary? 

  • Elegant Shiny Silver Jewellery Box 

If your wedding anniversary is due next week, we would suggest you to buy a personalized jewellery box and add some trinkets in it. 

Place an infinity ring, a bracelet, and a name pendant in this elegant shiny silver jewellery box. When your woman sees it, she will be overjoyed. Are you ready for a long kiss? That’s because your woman will be thrilled to see a pretty box full of jewellery! 

Summing up 

These were the cutest and surprising personalized gift ideas for your wedding anniversary. We hope that you got many ideas! 

Don’t forget to plan a good meal for your lady love. She makes your life better in many ways. Go ahead and surprise her with the perfect wedding gift.