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Everything You Should Know About Men’s Vegan Belts

Shopping for a quality vegan belt is not an easy matter. There are numerous options out there, some claiming to be vegan but are actually real leather belts. The good news is that it’s not totally impossible to find men’s vegan belts if you take time to research different products in the vegan category.

So how do you find a good vegan belt for men?

The first thing that you need to do to ensure whether a belt is vegan or made from animal leather is to check the label. The label should clearly indicate what the belt is made of.

However, as in the comparison between silk and polyester, consumers tend to believe that leather is a superior material compared to other man-made non-animal materials.

This is why most high-end clothing shops focus more on belts made of leather and silk ties than products made of synthetic materials. Men’s vegan belts are therefore less available than their leather counterparts, but not impossible to find.

Vegan Leather

When it comes to buying a belt, a vegan has to make a choice of wearing a belt or not wearing one at all. In keeping up with vegan philosophy, anyone who practices the lifestyle should not eat or use any product that involves animal cruelty or killing.

Leather belts are made from slaughtered animal skins and are, therefore, a strict no-no for vegans. The only option left for vegans is to wear a belt made of faux or synthetic leather, also known as vegan leather.

Vegan leather is not an animal product, but understanding what it is can sometimes get complicated. To make matters simple, belts that qualify as vegan or faux leather are made from non-animal derived materials such as barkcloth, cork, glazed cotton, paper, waxed cotton, polyurethane, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Most vegan leather items are made from PVC and polyurethane.

When shopping for vegan leather items such as belts, you may also come across materials such as fake leather or faux leather. These basically mean the same thing because the materials used in making the item don’t use animal skin or products.

Both polyurethane and PVC are plastic-based materials used to create plastic leather or pleather as it is known in some places, added

How about quality? Are men’s vegan belts better than animal leather belts?

Well, the most important thing to consider in anything you buy is quality and durability, but in the case of vegan lifestyles, the principle of avoiding products that involve animal killing and cruelty takes precedence.

Vegan leather may be a lot thinner than animal leather, but it’s more lightweight, flexible, and even more fashionable than real leather. It makes up for durability with style and the fact that the belt is not created from animal products.


A belt is one of the most important pieces in a man’s wardrobe. It also happens to be the most ignored item when people think of animal cruelty in the dress and fashion industry.

Animals should not be harmed and killed just to have their products sued for clothing. Therefore, it makes much sense to invest in the best men’s vegan belts made from animal cruelty-free products. Fortunately, there are numerous vegan belts for men available in the market today.

Just make sure to read the belt’s label clearly to ensure that it’s made of high-quality PVC or polyurethane materials rather than animal skin.