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A Guide to Buying Men’s Cold Weather Hats

With the temperatures hitting the coldest degrees, there is never a wrong time to stock up on warm winter hats. If you go by the myth that you lose about 60% of your body heat through the head, wearing a winter hat does protect your extremities, starting from your head to ears.

However, you will have to consider a couple of aspects to make sure you buy the best suitable cold-weather hat. Leading online stores like offer a myriad of options that not only cover your head but reveal your character and confidence. Here’s a guide to buying the perfect men’s cold weather hat that can become your signature this season.

Check for the Right Insulation Level

If you are a frequent traveler in the cold, you need a cold-weather hat with additional insulation. 

Reputable outlets present a 100% wool tweed Dad hat featuring a gently pre-curved brim and smart engineered rear clasps perfect for everyday use. And if you live in a relatively dry cold place, the wool exterior will significantly keep any heat from escaping.

Ensure to check the hat interiors for the right insulation that lets moisture away while keeping you warm in the cold weather.

Look for Something Simple

While high-end winter hats might be more capable of keeping you warm, they might not suit your style. Indeed, you could go for a more straightforward option that resonates with your style sense while being more practical in the cold weather.

Top online stores provide excellent choices, such as the beanie model. This hat is sleeker and a perfect fit, making them functional and yet voguish.

Check for such simple models that offer added warmth and unique features, complementing your personality.

Choose the Best Suitable Material

There are fabrics like wool blends, fur and polyester fleece, but top stores present high-quality wool with incomparable heat retention and insulation qualities.

Check for options like felted wool and super-soft wool blend that are super-functional, allowing you to venture out safely even on the peak winter days.

Choose the Right Size

Typically, size XL fits almost 90% of customers with big heads, whereas the adjustable size XXL fits the remaining 10%. Smart online retailers feature size guides on their websites; if you are unsure about your head size, you can refer them.

If your head measurement is less than 26″, look for XL-size winter hats; otherwise, check all the options in XXL size.

Go for the Right Color Choices

Winters are all about whites and grays, sometimes giving a dull appearance. But when you wear the right color hat, not only do you feel confident, you look appealing to others as well, lightening their mood.

Top outlets present a range of colors for cold weather hats, from Navy blue, dark green to burnt orange. But if you wish to choose subtle shades, check for hues like crème and beige. These are more pleasant to look at and enhance your personality, giving you a sophisticated appearance. 

Check for the Right Style

Just because it’s powdery and gray outside doesn’t mean you need to tone down your style quotient to match the season. As long as you cover your bases for warmth, you can experiment with numerous options and choose the most stylish hat.

Though you might not find much flair with most of the varieties, some outlets feature winter hats that are fanciful and ooze out vintage vibes.

Look for fashionable options that come in thick and well-structured material; you could check out a more chic camp hat with a low-profile silhouette. These varieties are more versatile and guarantee to make a bold statement.

When you plan to shop for cold weather hats, choose a top-rated online store that features winter hats with elements that best suit your preferences. With the right cold-weather hat, you will indeed have a lovely time even on the coldest days of the season.