5 Best Smart Watches For Men

A Men’s Guide To Smart Watches

5 Best Smart Watches For Men

Smart watches have same similar functions like Smartphones.  They support many applications like calling, massaging and touch screens as well. After the Bluetooth earphones and Headphones, smart watches are the second most used tech gadget to be paired with the smartphones. It also helps men to increase the productivity. Here is a list of 5 best smart watches men should own right now.

5 Trendy Smart Watches For Men To Look Stylish

Apple Watch Series 4:

Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the best smart watch men can invest in. It’s designed to improve your health every day and powerful enough to help protect it. Here are some features you should know.
• Large Apple Watch display
• Walkie-Talkie, phone calls, and messages.
• Stream Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.
• New electrical heart sensor
• Re-engineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback
• ECG on your wrist.
• Low and high heart rate notifications.
• Fall detection and Emergency SOS.
• New Breathe watch faces.
• Automatic workout detection.
• New yoga and hiking workouts.
• New head-to-head competitions.
• Activity sharing with friends.
• Personalized coaching.
• Monthly challenges.
• Achievement awards.
• Advanced features for runners like cadence and pace alerts

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Samsung Galaxy Watch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch is 2nd in our list of best smart watches. Stay connected longer. Features of a smart watch along with the feeling of an analog watch are amazing. Here are few features.
• Body size of 4.2cm and 4.6 cm
• Display on all time
• High Storage
• Music player
• Long lasting battery life
• Measures up to 39+ types of activities
• Calls and messages
• Tracks health by monitoring
• Measures heart rate and calories
• Tracks your sleep quality
• Monitors your stress levels to assist you with reduction through guided breathing
• Wake up to what you need to know
• Galaxy Watch detects when you wake up
• Displaying a morning briefing with the weather
• Today’s schedule, reminders, and more
• wireless charging dock

Best Smart Watches For Men This Year

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Sony Smart Watch:

Sony Smart Watch makes life simpler and smarter. It’s all you need, on your wrist! Here are few features of Sony smart watch you should know.
• two-day battery life
• GPS to track your route and distance
• A built-in compass lets you be an intrepid adventure
• Sony Smart Watch uses the accelerometer to detect the activity
• gyroscope enables precise calculation of your movements and direction
• Get messages and Facebook notifications
• Start your music
• apps including messaging, social media, news, and music, will automatically sync with your watch.
• built in Wi-Fi
• Water protected
• 1.8 Transflective display
• 320 x 320 resolution
• Android 4.3 and onwards

Smart Watches For Men This Year

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Huawei Smart Watch:

Huawei Smart Watch it’s remarkably vibrant and slim. It is efficient and accurate exactly what men need. Here are few features know must know about before investing.
• 454 x 454 AMOLED screen
• stainless steel shell and DLC coating
• 2-week battery life
• Receive messages & calls
• Continuous exercise tracking
• Heart rate Monitoring
• self-learning algorithm and innovative sensors
• offer more accurate, faster and precise positioning
• provides guidance training
• gives time-movement effect feedback
• Multiple sports modes
• brilliant sleep monitor
• provides more than 200 potential suggestions to help you sleep better
• Perfect for counting steps and sedentary status
• Monitors peak intense activities.
• Notifications of any messages, phone calls, alarms
• Set reminders are all organised on your wrist

Trendy Smart Watches For Men This Year

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Armani Exchange Hybrid Smart Watch:

It’s time to rethink what your watch can do. The basic watch now redefined with tech utility for effortless style and function. Here are few features you should know about.
• Features Cordless charging
• Sleep Monitoring
• Can set alarms
• Multiple time zone
• Wireless music control
• Can take selfies
• Steps tracker
• Smartphone notification excess
• Stylish model

Cool Smart Watches For Men This Year

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A Men’s Guide To Smart Watches
5 Trendy Smart Watches For Men To Look Stylish
5 Trendy Smart Watches For Men To Look Stylish.
5 Trendy Smart Watches For Men To Look Stylish!
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