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10 Suit Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Gentlemen Look

Here are the common mistakes that men should avoid when wearing a suit…

Every man’s wardrobe has at least one suit and why not? It is a wardrobe essential and every man must own one. But, is only having a suit enough? Definitely not! Also anyone can wear a suit but carrying it off without committing a single sin is what will make a man stand out. Want to look dapper in a suit? Then you must avoid these small common suit mistakes that can ruin you look.

Here are Suit Mistakes That Should Be Avoided To Save Your Look..

Wearing the Wrong Fit

An ill-fitting suit is the very first thing that you must avoid wearing under all circumstances. An oversized or undersized suit will kill your look. It will either make you look like a kid wearing his dad’s suit or make you feel suffocated.

Prevention is better than cure. So it is always better to try on the suit prior and make sure it perfectly fits you. If not, get the fittings done asap or look for another option.The jacket, the trouser, the sleeves, the coat and everything should just fit perfectly fine. Remember, you will always look dapper in well-tailored suit that costs you $100 than the $1000 which doesn’t even fit your right!

Wearing the Wrong Shoes And Socks

Anyone who thinks shoes don’t make a difference,really needs to rethink. One of the very first thing that someone notices about you,is your shoes! And I’m not even joking, trust me. So if you think wearing a suit with just any shoes will be okay, let me tell you it won’t.

You have to make sure your shoes match the color of your suit jacket. Avoid wearing a square shaped shoes and go for a rounded one. Brown or Black Leather shoes are always the best one’s to wear. Brogues, oxfords or loafers  always look complements the suit. You can wear sneakers too but that would purely depend on the type of the event/occasion!

If you think wearing a short socks or funky socks or socks that doesn’t match your suit will go unnoticed. Then, my friend this is one of your biggest misconception. So it is advisable to not make a joke of yourself and avoid such silly mistakes.

Wear proper size socks which will perfectly cover your skin and also match the color of your trouser or pocket square or shirt color.

Wrong Belt Selection

The most common suit mistakes include not matching your belt to your shoes. The belt should match the shoes in terms of color and fabric. If you are wearing brown leather shoes then wear a brown leather belt and if black wear black.Keep these small and simple things in mind and do not complicate things for yourself.

Choosing The Wrong Tie

Another big suit mistake one does is not choosing the right tie. The color and pattern of the tie should complement your shirt and suit.The size of the tie should also be considered.The length of the tie should start from the neck to end towards the waistband of your trousers. Avoid wearing loud and funky ties with your formal suit or to any formal event. Opt for printed ties over plain shirts and vice versa!

Wearing the Wrong Shirt

Again your shirt should be a perfect fit. Not too fit and not too loose.Complement your shirt with your suit. Avoid wearing a vests under the suit. If you wear one make sure it’s the V shaped and not the round one.

Matching Ties and Pocket Squares

The biggest and the most common mistake is wearing the same color of tie and pocket square.Remember,they shouldn’t match but complement each other. Wearing the same color, design or fabric will be a total fashion faux pas so must be avoided in all cases.

 Cuffing Your Trousers Or Sleeves

Trousers too long? Sleeves too big? Well then, get them tailored according to your size,shape and height soon.Please do not fold them up as it may look ruin your whole look. And we don’t want that to happen!

Over Accessorizing

Accessories surely can do wonders to your look. But anything over done can also spoil the look. Same way wearing too many accessories will look tacky or seek too much attention. Your accessories may it be a watch,rings,bracelets or anything have to be simple and classy. You want look like a gentlemen don’t you? So all you have to follow is the “less is more” policy. Wear less but wear good. Make sure your accessories complement your suit. Don’t overdo and steal attention for wrong reasons.

Not Removing Labels or Tags

You just can’t forget to remove the brand tag or label. Usually found at the bottom of the sleeve, it’s important to remove the tag carefully. This is worst mistake one can end up doing. And we don’t want you to be that one! So be careful and please don’t end up damaging the fabric.

Not Considering the Occasion

Wearing a suit is a good idea but only if the occasion asks for it. You have to wear the right suit on the right occasion. A wedding may ask for a different kind of suit while your office/business meetings or interview might require something else. So before you start deciding your suit make sure you know the occasion or event where you’ll be wearing it.

These were a few silly yet common suit mistakes men end up doing. We don’t want you to be doing the same so please remember these and avoid making these mistakes.Your suit might be the best but just one false styling move and you might ruin your whole gentlemen look. So next time when you wear a suit consider these ten points to avoid any blunders.

Also let us know if you have made any of these mistakes before and how you got through it?