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For The Love Of Ryan Gosling And Robert Pattinson

Ryan Gosling & Robert Pattinson

Ryan Gosling & Robert Pattinson are clearly the most popular male celebs amongst women with rob covering the majority teenage fan base and ryan gosling taking over the older women. What exactly is the common factor between the two men and why are they such romantic superstars?

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Well lets just say that it is the hairstyling genius. Sure both stars are talented and handsome but the real added bonus is their charming face structure. While their face structure may seem exactly the same with the bony structure, Ryan Gosling is more triangular in shape and Robert Pattinson is the prototype diamond shaped facial structure.

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Robert Pattinson can easily get away with many looks because of his special bone structure but Ryan Gosling sure takes the added effort to look his personal best even in a triangular shaped facial structure which is surely a bit more difficult to style. Follow these men for the best romantic looks for these face structures!

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For The Love Of Ryan Gosling And Robert Pattinson
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For The Love Of Ryan Gosling And Robert Pattinson
Do you need to understand who are the lucky men that can just as well attract female attention just by simply accentuating their god gifted genetics and how? Read on
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