20 Facts About BEARDS That Every Guy Should Know

20 Facts About BEARDS That Every Guy Should Know

1) Facial hair grows more in summer .

2) Scientists believe that prehistoric men had beards for – warmth, protection and intimidation against blows to face.

3) Beards grow 5.5 inches per year. In fact the average number of whiskers on a man’s face is 30,000.

4) A man spends 3350 hours shaving in his lifetime.

5) Beards help you to filter the pollutants and toxins.

6) Studies have shown that women find a man with a full beard more attractive than a clean shaven look.

7) Facial hair grows faster when a man hasn’t had sex for a while.

8) Beards never grow faster as you shave. Its a myth !

9) Otto the Great always swore by his Beard when saying anything serious.

10) An abnormal fear of beards is called POGONOPHOBIA.

11) Abraham Lincoln grew a beard in the late 1860 when a little girl from New York gave him advice.

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