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TheUnstitchd Reviews Alberto Torresi’s Tan Oxford

Alberto Torresi Private Edition

Opening an Alberto Torresi is usually very exciting but opening the PRIVATE EDITION Alberto Torresi Oxfords feels like Christmas morning. We were very excited to unbox the shoes and take them out for a stroll. The box was very cool with vibrant colors and the very stylish Alberto Torresi logo. On opening the box we found the shoes were wrapped in a soft red cloth with the Alberto Torresi logo. The box also came with a protective bag that can be used to carry the shoes on travels.

The Tan Oxford didn’t take long to mesmerize us with its elegance and panache. They are made with soft and natural leather. There is some texturing done on the uppers. The shoes are sleek and have a square cap toe, which I personally prefer over the pointed ones. The stitching is immaculate and in a suitable tonal shade, that sets off very nicely against the tan. The Alberto Torresi Tan Oxfords are lace ups like any normal Oxfords. The design is very attractive and chic.

Generally Oxfords are worn in a formal or semi-formal setting. Men often prefer Black or Brown shoes as they are more versatile. So we were really eager to try out different looks with these Tan Oxfords to see what clicks and what does not. Based on our experiments which involved human trials in the form of our very willing test subject Viveq (Usually it takes a lot of efforts to convince him, but the shoes charmed him and kept him captivated long enough that he allowed the entire Unstichd team to experiment with him!) In short these 4 looks are tried and tested!

1. The first look is the Suit. Classy and elegant. Perfect for an office meeting, a seminar or a life changing interview. This is a very formal look. For those days when you need to put your best foot forward and appear in charge. Make sure the suit fits you well. A well fitted suit enhances your look and adds an edge to it. Opt for a custom made, tailored suit rather than a ready made one. Pick a white button down or a white dress shirt. The Tan Oxfords work very well with navy blue. They are made for each other like PB&J. Classic and delicious.

2. A slight variation to the above look and you can achieve a wonderful ensemble for a business party, a close friend or business associate’s wedding, a charity event, a red carpet event, an opera or a society or club party. Team up a suit or a tux with these Alberto Torresi Tan Oxfords and up your game with some accessories. A great tie or a bow tie, a pocket square, a tie pin or a tie tag. If you are wearing metal watch, then pick gold instead of silver and in case of straps, try to match them as much as possible with your shoes in terms of color and texture. These were your formal events;

3. Now for your casual avatar. This look is relaxed and uber cool. Works even on your casual Fridays and is a real head turner so get ready to blush for all the compliments coming your way. Pair a dark shade of well fitted denims with these Alberto Torresi Tan Oxfords. Regular and boot cuts work well. A slight distress or fade or wash is cool but don’t sport ripped jeans to work even if it’s a casual Friday, but it’s cool on dates or for clubbing or a night out with friends. Team it up with a button down shirt or an open shirt over a t-shirt look. Pick colors like white, burgundy, dark brown, tan, chocolate brown, dark red, wine, navy blue, rosewood and Prussian blue.

4. Now for something a little less formal and a little more relaxed. For events like these where it’s not too formal that you have to pull out your suit but are formal enough that you should avoid denims or chinos. For semi-formal events like these team up a pair of trousers and a sport jacket or a pea coat. You can pick trousers in darker shades of blue and varying shades of brown, beige and khaki. The jacket can be in navy blue, dark red, dark brown, tan, beige, rosewood, maroon, wine or burgundy.

Material Care and Handling:

The Tan Oxfords by Alberto Torresi are leather shoes and hence they should be taken care of, plus these are private edition. Make sure you clean them with a conditioner or a liquid that is specifically made for brown and tan leather. There are many options available in the market. If through some violent brush with luck you have managed to cause a damage that you cant wipe clean with conditioner or product then instead of playing doctor seek professional attention from shoe laundries in your area. Keep them in a dry area and avoid wearing them in damp and rainy weather.

Don’t forget to check out the amazing collection of Alberto Torresi –

TheUnstitchd Reviews Alberto Torresi's Tan Oxford
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TheUnstitchd Reviews Alberto Torresi's Tan Oxford
A tell all review of the Alberto Torresi's Tan Oxford Lace Up’s with the 4 cool ways to flaunt them!
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