9 Hacks For Mastering The Pea Coat Look

9 Hacks For Mastering The Pea Coat Look

A pea coat is indubitably the most suave and sexy jacket for keeping you warm and making you look like hot chocolate this season. This classic double-breasted jacket with broad shoulders, wide collars and notched lapel make your frame look alluring and structurally sound. What I mean is, it makes your shoulders appear broader and makes your waist look slimmer, giving your torso the perfect V shaped frame. The double breasted look makes you stand out and look distinguished.

So, it’s obvious you are looking to beat the winter chills with this cool jacket. Listed below are a very simple hacks and tricks to ensure you do not goof up and make the most of the pea coat.

  • A pea coat is versatile and with the right ensemble can be worn practically anywhere. So make sure to keep this in mind when you are picking your pea coat. Go for something in neutral hues, especially if it’s your first time. It’d be easy to coordinate and style with your existing wardrobe.
  • Since you will be using it a whole lot, the wise thing to do here would be to invest in a really good one.
  • Get the fit and fabric right. The fabric and fit should fall right with the contours of your body. Check the shoulders, arms, torso and buttons to ensure a streamlined fit. There should be no creasing or wrinkling.
  • Neutral shades like black, blue, grey and brown will help you get the most out of your purchase. You will not find yourself say, “But my pea coat is not going well with this color combination of trousers and shirt or with these chinos…” Get the picture?
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  • Add a scarf or a cap or a beanie to your look. It is a great way to layer your outfit and also add a pop of color or experiment with some pattern. Accessorizing always makes you stand out. A hat or a beanie can completely change your look, for the better too.
  • Another cool way to add some color and pattern would be by picking the right button down shirt to wear with your pea coat. You can play with different textures and designs and patterns.
  • Once in a while, pop the collar of your pea coat. It is a great style and looks preppy and trendy.
  • Be careful while selecting your bottom wear. Selecting the right bottoms is a winning move. Whether you are go for chinos or denims or trousers, make sure they are in darker hues. Avoid slim cuts and boot cuts.
  • Get the buttoning part right. The first rule here is to remember that the pea coat was built to be buttoned, so that is the avatar in which it will look its best. The second rule is to button up all the button except the collar button. The collar button can be fastened when it’s too cold.
9 Hacks For Pea Coat Look
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Mastering The Pea Coat Look
Pea Coat Look
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