How to Style the Classic Tweed? Men’s Style Guide on Tweed

Find out the Best Ways to Style the Classic Tweed Outfit

Men's Style Guide for Tweed Outfits

What is Tweed?

Years ago, a London merchant received a letter from the Hawick firm. He then misread the Scottish word “Tweel” as “Tweed”and this,one misinterpretation of word led to the origin of Tweed.

So, Tweed is a thick, soft and flexible woolen fabric and has an unfinished surface. It is generally dyed in two colors. The sturdy, hard-wearing, warm, water –resistant and durable quality makes the tweed fabric, a perfect outerwear for fall and winter.

Usually, looked upon as an old-fashioned and conservative style. You cannot deny that Tweed is also practical, smart and stylish. It is a symbol of royalty and aristocracy. And when it is the Fall/Autumn or winter season, the time for layering, tweed is just the right choice. A Tweed Jacket, tweed blazer, tweed trouser or a tweed coat, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

How to style Tweed?

A Tweed Jacket paired up with a roll neck and jeans for the casual look.Or with a shirt and chinos. A patterned Tweed Blazer with a plain waistcoat (not necessarily of the same material) and trousers for the almost formal look.

A Tweed Suit – a light colored plain shirt, a flannel tweed waistcoat, a flannel tweed blazer and a tweed trouser for the not so formal and not so casual look.

Wear Brogues or Loafers below. And maybe add a Hat on top to complete the look. Give your tweeds a modern look, pair them up with jeans, wear black sunglasses or add a pocket square and a tie to it. Experiment with a few colors. The tweed grey suit, tweed blue suit, tweed navy suit are the classic one’s, you could try red, yellow, maroon or pink for a more modern look.

Look stylish this Winter Season and give the tweeds a chance to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few ways for you to style the Classic Tweeds..

We hope we’ve convinced you enough to try on these Classics this Fall/Winter season. Look Royal, Stay Stylish and Raise the temperature with the Tweeds.