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What Size Of Sunglasses Is Suitable For Your Face?

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You have the narrow, medium and wide sizes of sunglasses but it is all decided by the following three aspects – Lens, Bride and temple. The size of these three aspects will decide together what size is most suitable for your face.

1) Narrow

Lens –42-48mm

Bridge –15-18mm

Temple –135-140mm

2) Medium

Lens –48-52mm

Bridge –18-20mm

Temple –140-145mm

3) Wide

Lens –52mm+

Bridge –20-22mm

Temple –145-150mm

Now how must one choose the correct size? You must consider the width of your face from ear to ear to decide what the size of that region is. If that patch is wide, you need wide lenses or at least proportionately wide. If it is narrow, you should not opt for wide lenses. Wide lenses are very popular these days and thus people just wear wide sunglasses but it does not suit all face shapes!

For the size of the bridge, it basically means the length. This is based on the width of your nose. For narrow nose you must have a narrow bridge. If you use a wide bridge, your sunglasses will fall off. For a wide nose you need wide bridge or it will be too tight and leave behind marks also be really uncomfortable!

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As for the size of the temple, it is based on the size of your head as well as your ears. The temple rests on your ears so the distance between your eyes and ears must also be considered.  For this you need to measure with the help of comfort. The most comfortable ones are the best size for you.

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It is important to stay trendy but not at the cost of comfort. The right size will help you achieve the best look as well as be of most use to you. Make your sunglasses decision based on your unique features and not magazine covers.


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What size of Sunglasses is Suitable for your Face?
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What size of Sunglasses is Suitable for your Face?
Three aspects must be considered before deciding what size is most suitable for your face structure. Read on to ensure you make the right choice!
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