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Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas To Woo Him Over With Your Sexy Style

Cocktail Party Style Guide – Tips, Outfit Ideas, Makeup Looks, Hairstyle Tips, Images, Etc

Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas To Woo Him Over With Your Sexy Style

Well it seems you have wasted hours to figure out the right blog that will help you with a complete Cocktail Party guide. Let me bring you to ease, this is the perfect blog you have landed on, here I have mentioned everything you should know before styling yourself for a cocktail party. If you are invited for it and it’s your first time don’t panic by the end of this blog you will be confident enough about your outfit and look.

What Is A Cocktail Party?

Cocktail Parties are great way to have fun, glam up and socialize. It’s neither like the main stream formal party nor a casual one thus dressing for it easy. Moreover it’s a party all about drinks or I may say fancy drinks. Mainly it’s hosted for social or business purposes. Cocktail Parties are held at restaurants, hotels or bars during afternoon 4 PM to 6 PM which allows people to hang around for hours. Attending such parties helps you increase your network and hold great personality in society. Thus you should look your best while attending any Cocktail Party.

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What Is A Cocktail Dress?

Earlier in 19th century Cocktail Dress was tailor-made fancy dress for any events or parties. It is totally different from the attires you wear during Wedding for Reception Parties. Cocktail Dress is more casual and glamorous than office wear but a bit more formal than regular for casual outfit. There is a thin line between formal and semi-formal were you can place cocktail dress. Basically a cocktail dress is not transparent, skimpy, neither too short nor too long and is a strapless, A-line, laced, embellished or sleeveless midi dress.

Know About The Cocktail Party

Before dressing up for your cocktail Party all you have to figure out, what type of party you are attending, is it in morning, evening or afternoon or is it for socializing or a business party. What is the theme of the party is the most important thing you should have knowledge about to avoid future embracement. Occasions like anniversaries, engagements, wedding party and reunions fall under the category of cocktail party thus you have to distinguish wisely before styling yourself.

Types Of Cocktail Attires

1. Business Cocktail Dress

Business Cocktail Dress

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2. Smart Fashion Cocktail Dress

3. Edgy Cocktail Dress

4. Metallic Cocktail Dress

metallic cocktail dress

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5. Black Cocktail Dress

6. Separate Pieces Cocktail Dress

7. Suits

Do’s and Don’ts For Cocktail Party

1. Don’t wear revealing outfits as it’s not a girl’s night out.
2. Try to keep appropriate necklines to maintain sophisticated look.
3. Never keep your Hair Ties on your wrist it created very bad impression.
4. Go for good Bracelet that compliments your outfit.
5. Make sure your inner wear lines or straps are not visible as this gives very unprofessional appearance.
6. To avoid the visible straps and lines go for correct undergarments like the dp Strapless or stick on bra.
7. Sneakers are not supposed to be styled for any cocktail party with any outfit. It’s a big no for it.
8. Style your outfit with a good pair of stilettos, platform or kitten heels.

9. Don’t wear a floor touching gown as it doesn’t seem like a cocktail party outfit.
10. Opt for Mini dress or a Midi Dress for glamorous look.
11. Avoid over accessorizing yourself.
12. Go for one outstanding accessory that enhances your look.
13. Never show up in wrinkled garments for cocktail.
14. Use an iron or steamer to get yourself a crease free dress.
15. Don’t opt for oversized handbags as it breaks your look.
16. Try to go for Clutch for elegant look.
17. Jeans will look underdressed for a cocktail party thus avoid it.
18. Going in with Trousers will be a great option instead.
19. Don’t wear loose or uncomfortable dress.
20. Go for a trendy outfit that gives you comfort too.

Be Seasonal While Styling For Cocktail Party

By the term be seasonal I mean dress according to the seasons and keeping in mind the fashion trends in particular seasons. Pick outfit according to right fabrics, prints and colours that suit the season. For spring you can go for light fabrics, colourful floral number, strappy heeled sandals and pink or soft pastel shades. For summer alluring cuts, bright colours, floral and full printed outfit will be a great option. For winter go for satin or velvet fabric, closed toe shoes, woollen coats and winter accessories.

Cocktail Party Hairstyle

Here I have a list of hairstyles that will help you complete your cocktail party look.
1. Open Hair hairstyles
2. Wrap around Ponytail
3. Sleek Ponytail
4. Middle Part Ponytail
5. Polished Ponytail
6. Top Knot
7. Sleek Updo
8. Low Chignon Updo
9. Braided Updo
10. Braided Hairstyles

Cocktail Party Makeup

It is very important to wear a stunning outfit but it doesn’t make you look gorgeous solely, you need a perfect makeup to compliment your look. Here I have a video that will help you do your makeup at home without visiting the parlour to get glamorous look. Do follow the steps and you are ready to go!

A Complete Cocktail Party Guide – From Outfits To Makeup, To Hairstyle
10 Hairstyles To Compliment Your Perfect Cocktail Party Outfit
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Cocktail Party Style Guide
Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas To Woo Him Over With Your Sexy Style
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Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas To Woo Him Over With Your Sexy Style
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