The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment Your Wedding Look

Sleek Updo Hairstyles – Looks, Styles, Steps, Images, etc

The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment Your Wedding Look

In my last blog I had talked about Sleek Ponytail I hope it was helpful and you liked it. Today I am here with Sleek Updo, one of the most trending updo across countries. I am very sure you will love this Hairstyle and definitely opt for it. Sleek Updo is a variation of Sleek Ponytail. The only difference between the two is there after you make your hair sleek you opt for a ponytail and here you opt for an updo that’s all. Read my blog to know more about how to make a Sleek Updo? What are the different styles you can opt for? Which occasion you can style it? Which Outfit it goes well with? And many more such questions.

Things you will need to make a Sleek Updo

Hair Comb
Hair Brush
• Hair Clips or Bobby Pins
• Hair Ties
Hair Spray
• Styling Gel

sleek up do with red lipstick

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How to make Sleek Updo

Step 1: Brush your hair properly to avoid bumps.
Step 2: Apply styling gel.
Step 3: Brush all your hair backwards.
Step 4: Hold your hair at the place where you want your Updo.
Step 5: Make a Ponytail.
Step 6: Go for any type of updo (Braided Updo, Messy Updo, Top Knot Updo) according to your preference.
Step 7: Spray some hair spray over the crown and front hair.
Step 8: Using a comb make your hair sleek.
Step 9: Secure your Updo with hair ties.
Step 10: Finally use a hair spray to set your hairstyle and make it last all day.

Sleek Updo Tutorial

I know it is a bit confusing how to make your hair sleek using a hair spray and a comb. Here I have a video for y’all for better understanding the step for perfect results. Do watch the video and try Sleek Updo, it’s very easy and quick compared to other updos.

Sleek Updo to the side

As the name suggests Sleek Updo to the side is an Updo made at the any one side of the head that is near your ears. It is very simple to opt for as the variation in this hairstyle is just in term of position. You have to follow the same steps mentioned above but here you will only change the position of your Updo from back to the sides. Sleek Updo looks amazing when styled with gowns and tube tops. It is idle hairstyle for an evening party or a date.

sleek up do wedding

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Sleek Updo for Short Hair

It very difficult for women with short hair to opt for an Updo as short hairs cannot be twisted into a Top Knot Updo or sectioned for a Braided Updo. Here I have a great alternative for you guys with short hair. You can go for Sleek Updo, all you need to do is grab some hair clips or bobby pins as they are your only saviour. Start with curling your hair using hair curler, using hair clips or bobby pins secure small sections of hair from down (leave the crown hair) by twisting it a bit till all your hair give a look of a messy Updo, make a puff with your crown hair, spray some hairspray on your front hair and bangs to give it a sleek look. It its complicated for you watch this video to understand it better to go for.

Sleek Updo for Short Hair Tutorial

Sleek Updos for Medium Hair

Sleek Updo for medium hair is very popular and easy to go for. Here I would like to suggest you to go for a Twisted Updo or a Messy Updo as this both Updos have a demand of medium hair length as short and long hair length can make it more complicated and you may not get the desired results. It is very easy and quick to style a Sleek Updo with medium hair as it requires less effort.

Sleek Updo for Long Hair

Sleek Updo is idle for long hair as you can opt for any Updo style as per your choice and preference. It goes well with any outfit and any occasion as you get variety of styling option. If you have long hair I would suggest Sleek Top knot Updo or a Low Updo as it adds elegance to your personality. Long hair gives you the volume required to go for suck updo styles. Braided Updo too will look good but it will be time consuming and complicated, better opt for it when you have lot of time to get ready for an event.

selena gomez with sleek hair do
sleek up do jessica

Styling Sleek Updo with right Outfit

1. Gown for evening formal party.
2. Tube Tops and a pair of denim for a casual event.
3. Swing Dress for a day date.
4. Bodycon Dress for parties.
5. Backless Dress and Sleek Updo will complement each other.
6. Off shoulder dress will look amazing for any event.
7. A-line skirt for a formal meeting.
8. Peplum Top will add chic look.
9. Mini dress is a great option.
10. Crop Tops and Shorts best combination for a casual day out.

sleek up do blonde
kate sleek up do
Sleek Updo Hairstyles – Looks, Styles, Steps, Images, etc
How Make Sleek Ponytail In 10 Stress-free Steps
Sleek Updo Hairstyles – Looks, Styles, Steps, Images, etc
The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment
The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment
The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment
The Perfect Sleek Updo To Compliment
5 Ways To Style Sleek Updo For Any Occasion (With Videos)
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5 Ways To Style Sleek Updo For Any Occasion (With Videos)
Sleek Updo Hairstyle is one of the most trending updo hairstyles. The perfect sleek updo to compliment your wedding look.
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