How To Get A Wrap Around Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps

Classic Wrap Around Ponytail – Steps, Guide, Outfits, Videos, etc

How To Get A Wrap Around Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps

Hairstyle symbolizes and represents an individual and holds great significance, though it doesn’t determine your integrity and character. It is very important to opt for the right hairstyle like the wrap around ponytail according to your face shape and also hair type. Women often ask us about how to figure out the right hairstyle? Which haircut we should go for? Which are the quick and easy hairstyles? What should you opt for, Ponytail or bun?

Go for Wrap Around Ponytail!

Well, here I will answer all your questions related to hairstyles. Today specifically I’ll be talking about wrap around ponytail which I feel is the trendiest and up to the minute hairstyle. When I talk about wrap around ponytails it may seem like a regular ponytail, but it’s not! You must be having some questions related to wrap around ponytail such as how to make wrap around ponytail? Which are wrap around ponytail tools? How to wrap hair around ponytail with bobby pins? What are wrap around ponytail extensions?

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Things you will need and Steps to make Wrap Around Ponytail

Wrap around ponytail is one of the many options that you have to style your ponytail as it is timeless and gives you chic look. It is one of the best ponytail hairstyle that looks best and stays in place. Here hair tie is concealed using one section of the hair over the base of the ponytail. You will require shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, hair brush, hair tie, curler, hair pins and hair spray for Wrap around ponytails. All you need to do is follow the steps below to get it done right without ending up messing everything.

Steps to make Wrap Around Ponytail

Step 1: Wash your hair to avoid greasiness.
Step 2: Condition it to make your hair soft and hydrated.
Step 3: Apply styling cream that will set your hairs.
Step 4: Using hair brushes create a regular ponytail.
Step 5: Use a flat hair tie to avoid bulging.
Step 6: Curl small section of the hair to wrap, you can also curl your ponytail.
Step 7: Wrap your ponytail at the base with small section of hairs.
Step 8: Use hair pins to secure the wrapped hair.
Step 9: Brush it again to give polished look.
Step 10: Use hair spray to seal your ponytail.

Wrap Around Ponytail Tutorial

Have a look at the video below for better understanding and following it.

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Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extension

If your hair is very thin and facing hair problems like hair thinning and hair loss, wrap around ponytails hair extension is really a great option for you. It gives you extra thickness and revamps your hairstyle. It completes your night out look as its definitely not boring like your regular ponytail. Wrap around ponytail hair extensions are artificial hair used to give your ponytail an illusion of thick and long hair within seconds.

Styling Wrap Around ponytail with your outfit

Are you confused when to go for a regular ponytail and when for wrap around ponytail? When you want to keep your look minimal but at the same time stand out in crowd wrap around ponytail will be the best to go for. Style it with any outfit and you are ready to go! But especially you can pull it off if styled with the outfits mentioned below.

Look 1: Keep it simple while going for it on A-line dress.

Look 2: If you have blonde hairs style it with dark colored swing dresses.

Look 3: Want to rock your regular outfit style it with braided wrap.

Look 4: Get glamorous look while styling your curled ponytail with braided wrap on casual attires.

Look 5: Style wrap around ponytail with mini dress.

Look 6: It looks amazing on tube tops and tube dresses.

Look 7: Want to look pretty style it with floral dresses.

Look 8: Create a bit messy look to style it with shorts.

Look 9: Give you vibrant look when styled with gowns.

Look 10: Looks trendy and fashionable on miniskirts.

Wrap around Ponytail for different Face Shapes

Styling the wrap around ponytail according to your face shape is very important as it has the ability to light up your look or break the look. Firstly you should know your face shape before you opt for a ponytail. Here is our article that will help you: WHAT IS MY FACE SHAPE?

Wrap Around Ponytail for Heart-Shaped Face

Try to place your pony at the neutral placement that is just below your crown. Keeping some bangs will help you downplay your wide forehead.

Styling Wrap Around Ponytail on Oval Shaped Face

You can place the ponytail off the side, high or low it looks goes well with this shape. Try and give your ponytail curly or straight look, as it looks better than wavy hairs.

Wrap Around Ponytail Styling for Square Face

Keep the placement of the ponytail at the crown. Lose and messy ponytail with some extra volume looks fantastic on this face shape. Keeping wispy bangs adds charm to your look.

Round Shaped Face and Wrap Around ponytail styles

Place it high or low both looks great on this face shape. Back combing with hair brushes will add volume and give good texture to your hairs. High ponytail with give better looks as it will give an illusion of slimmer face.

I am sure after reading about Wrap around ponytail you will surely opt for it as it is very easy and quick to style while you are in a rush. Style it for any event whether it is formal or causal you will definitely stand out in crowd. Get ready! Hurry up! Go for it Now!

Style Your Wrap Around Ponytail With Perfect Outfits (With Images)
Guide To Make Classic Wrap Around Ponytail In No Time!
Get A Wrap Around Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps
Classic Wrap Around Ponytail – Steps, Guide, Outfits, Videos, etc
Wrap Around Ponytail Guide
Wrap Around Ponytail Guide
Wrap Around Ponytail Guide
Wrap Around Ponytail Guide
How To Get A Wrap Around Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps
Article Name
How To Get A Wrap Around Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps
Wrap around ponytail is a classic ponytail and it is very easy to make. Here is a guide to make classic wrap around ponytail in no time!
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