Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Сrew Сut

No matter how many fresh men haircuts appear regularly, some cuts are destined to remain classy and stay on the top all the time. Of course, most men prefer short cuts that are not only easy to maintain and look after but also trendy and moderns at the same time. Today we are going to discuss one of such cuts.

As LoveHairStyles has it, the crew cut is one of the ultimate favorite shortcuts of most modern gentlemen. Would you care to learn why? Then you have come to the right place!

Crew Cut – The Definition

To begin with, it should be stated that the crew cut hasn’t been invented recently. It was introduced a hundred years ago, in the 1920s. Students of Yale, Princeton, and Harvard, were the ones to sport the cut. What makes the cut so popular and peculiar is the fact that it is short but well-defined. Such a definition is achieved due to the fact that the top is always longer than the sides and the back, while the back and the sides are clipped shorted as the barber moves down. So, it is safe to say that a crew cut is effortless but quite versatile at the same time since you can experiment with the length of the top, sides, and back too.

Crew Cut or Fade?

It is essential that you can spot the difference between the two. The fact is that both cuts are extremely required at the moment, and both are sleek and stylish. However, no matter what others may say, a fade is a part of the cut, while crew cut wouldn’t exist without it. So, it is safe to say that the two can complete each other, but they are not interchangeable, and that is what matters most.

Whom Does a Crew Cut Suit?

To cut a long story short, crew cuts suit all face shapes. However, that does not mean that there is a one-for-all option. No, a skillful barber once set with the task will analyze your face shape and will come up with an appropriate crew cut option that will compliment your features best while it will hide possible flaws away.

Crew Cut – Styling Options

As a matter of fact, the variety of styling options depend greatly upon the length of the top of your hair. The longer is the top, the more variations there will be. Generally, you can either style your hair up or play around with the side part. If your mane on top is longer than average, then you may even create a trendy pompadour out of it. As to the hair products that you may need, we would dare to say that a pomade or wax, a comb, and sometimes a blow-dryer would do it.

Practical Crew Cut Tips

  • There is a list of tips that we are going to share with you which may come in more than useful when you get a crew cut:
  • Tapered off neckline will add up to a cleaner look of yours
  • Keeping your face clean-shaved will create that neat and reliable impression some may seek
  • The longer top will result in a more casual look, keep it a little messy to intensify the impression
  • Trip your cut regularly to keep it fresh all the time

Would a Crew Cut Suit You?

If you are an active gentleman who hates it when your hair is getting in your face, but you are also a stylish and fashionable lad – the cut is perfect for you, no matter the age.

Side Part Crew Cut With a Comb-Over

They say – the simpler, the better, and we say that it is a pure definition of a classy crew cut. A side part defines the sleek top while the mid fade introduces that peculiar edgy vibe into the look. Throw in a manly beard, and your stylish and elegant look is ready!

Modern Crew Cut With Longer Top

Keeping things too short is not for all. If you wish to leave the top longer, there is nothing to stop you. However, you need to realize that such a cut requires a fair amount of styling to look its best.

Classy Crew Cut With a Beard

One of the best ways of combining a classic Ivy League look with a beard is through a clean-shaved fade. Such a combo will draw attention to both the hairstyle and the beard so that none of the elements is left out.