Office Automation – How to Save Energy through It

It can be costly to run a business; from maintenance and repair of equipment to the costs associated with the working of the premises can all pile up quickly. This is why cutting down on expenses where possible will help you save money and time.

A great place to begin this is through the automation of your office. Once you determine where and how much energy is used around the office, you can easily benefit from the automation of the workplace. Automated offices are energy-efficient areas.

What uses the most energy in the office?

What uses the most energy in your office will depend on the location and type of your business. However, most commonly, a few specific appliances and equipment use the most energy. These include lighting systems (approximately 35% of total energy), HVAC systems (more than 40% of total energy), electronics (more than 5% of total energy), and security systems.

How do automate the office to save energy?

Understanding what uses the most energy and how to reduce energy consumption and reduce energy wastage is important. Here are some ways you can automate your office to do that.

1) Automate HVAC system

Your HVAC system is one of the major consumers of energy, so it’s best to start with its automation first by installing smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats allow you to set temperature schedules and adjust the temperature from anywhere using an internet-connected device.

This enables you to conserve energy and avoid wastage. You can also upgrade your HVAC system to a more energy-efficient one to reduce Utility Bidder bills in the long run.

2) Automate the lighting system

If you automate your lighting system, you can monitor and control the lighting and thus increase efficiency. Smart light bulbs use LED bulbs that are energy efficient and last longer than traditional ones.

These can be preset to turn off and on at a specific time of the day and can be controlled from anywhere using an internet-connected device.

In addition to this, you can install sensors and motion detectors to turn the light off when the room is not in use.

3) Automate electronics

Automating the printers, computers, and other equipment will help you cut down the energy usage. You need to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment with energy-saving features like automatic shut down and sleep mode.

This will reduce your energy consumption throughout the day. Moreover, using smart plugs that can be controlled from anywhere can also increase energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of office automation?

Investing in automating your office will pay you back in no time. This is because the benefits will start showing as soon as you get them, including:

1) Improve energy efficiency

Automation allows you to have greater control over the way you use energy and when you run energy-consuming appliances. This will, in turn, reduce your energy consumption.

2) Identify and reduce waste

Smart systems and devices will give you insights into your energy consumption, which will help you determine where energy and resources are being wasted and thus improve these areas easily.

3) Boost productivity

Once you automate your office, you will see that the new upgraded energy-efficient equipment and systems improve your capabilities and thus your productivity.


Keeping operating costs in check is essential for businesses, especially small ones. Automating your office using the smart technologies mentioned above will help you make your office energy-efficient and reduce your energy bills easily. This also give good customer experience.

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