Questions First Time Buyers Have About Container Homes

Ever heard about someone who lives in a container house? Ever wondered what it would be like to live in one? The idea of living in a container home can be quite daunting. There are a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of before making a large metal box liveable. In this article, we will address some crucial queries you might have. 

What is a shipping container home?

This is essentially the most basic question that comes to mind. What precisely is a container home and what are they made of? Shipping containers are large steel containers built for the purposes of shipment and storage of goods worldwide. These containers make approximately 200 million trips each year across the globe. 

These trips are made via vessels, trucks, and trains. After a certain period of time which ranges between 5 to 10 years of service, a container is retired. These containers are large bulks of refined and good quality steel. One of the major uses they have after retirement is being built into a container home. 

Container homes are living spaces built out of shipping containers, both old and new. Several containers can also be joined together to build extra space for comfortable living by adding a living room, dining room, etc. These can also be stacked on top of one another if one can’t afford to have expansive space.

Are container homes safe?

One of the first thoughts people have about container homes is, well, is this thing safe to live in? Whether or not a container home is safe is a valid question and a major concern. You have to take every precautionary measure you can to make your container home safe and secure from intruders and pests. 

Make sure to do your homework and check out where the container has been kept and what it was used to transport before becoming a home. This is important because it will determine if the container is ready to be lived in or not.

You should also make sure that the container does not contain any toxins or other structural faults that can pose a serious threat to your health. For this, make sure that you deal with trusted and reputable companies who follow all health protocols while constructing the container homes.

How to insulate your container home?

Deciding to live in a container house is basically gearing up to live in a metal box. Now, if one wants to make the experience worthwhile during different weathers, they need quality insulation inside the container house. Insulating a place means that you create a barrier between the comfortable environment of the indoors and the extreme temperature that is present outdoors. 

Without a doubt, insulating a container house is extremely crucial. It makes the inside of a container house easy to live in. There are several ways of insulating your container house. You can choose the method you find the best keeping in mind the location, the climate in your region, etc. 

There are also certain ways to make the interior feel home-like and comfortable. You can hang pictures and other family memories on the walls and tables to give the container house that homely feel. Hanging some LED strip lights inside the container house is also a very popular way of brightening up the place with cheery and happy lights. These can inculcate a feeling of comfort and can be a great way to make your house a home.

Why should one live in a container house as opposed to a traditional house?

The most common reasons people choose to live in container homes are that these are sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost less money than building a traditional home. Also, for adventurous people container homes seem like a great option to provide a constant sense of adventure and thrill. 

Shipping container architecture business is also picking up momentum as many people are being attracted to the idea of living in container homes because of all the excitement and thrill they have to offer. Many businesses that have flat pack container houses for sale build on these qualities in their marketing strategies.


Container home or a traditional home both serve the same purpose. Be it a mansion or a tiny house, people will create memories with their loved ones no matter what. And memories are essentially the only reason people come to love a place. 

We have tried to answer a few of the very basic questions one might have about a container house. Now, we don’t expect you to plan on buying one immediately but we do hope that the idea is now not very overwhelming to you. It’d be great if you do decide on owning one someday, though. We’ll be cheering for you.

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