Ways to cope with Blood and stubborn stains on the carpet

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Carpets vary in shape and size with the premium one made of fur or velvet hair, providing a smooth texture to the whole rug. But what happens when stubborn stains like Blood stains the carpet and refuse to go away. This article focuses on removing Blood from the carpets without damaging the rug or carpet.

How are stubborn stains removed?

Most of the techniques and procedures to remove stains use household chemicals, solutions, and other supplementary things to remove stubborn carpet stains. There is an overwhelming number of carpet cleaning solutions developed explicitly for stubborn stains and spills with max—effective formula on them.

But removing Blood is a different story altogether. For Blood, some powerful cleaning agent is required to eliminate the stain. Carpets are woven with lots of fibres, and the dried seep in Blood makes it very hard to clean it. Thus, this article will focus on the way of removing stubborn blood stains from the carpet successfully without hindering the quality of the fabric.

1. Using solution made of concentrated detergent

  • First, use a brush with soft bristles to slowly brush on the dried stain to disturb and break the blood deposits.
  • Use a composition made of handwash or dishwasher liquid along with a quantity of 500 ML of cold water. Once the mixture is ready, use a sponge to dab on the stain. Never rub on the stain as it may spread the stain to a larger area, making it even more challenging to get rid of.
  • Keep using the sponge to blot until the carpet absorbs the liquid completely, and the stain disappears after a few blots.
  • Once the stain fades off considerably, use another sponge to blot clean cold water and then dry.

2. Using Ammonia as an active cleaning agent

For stubborn dried up blood stains, use a composition of one tablespoon ammonia along with half a cup of warm water. Allow the solution to settle down and then use a sponge to blot the stain out until the liquid is fully absorbed. Then use a clean cold-water soaked sponge and blot it on the stain and then dry it out.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide for easy removal:

  • Using hydrogen peroxide on the stain is a tricky thing as it can affect the fabric and can cause irreversible damage. Thus, if you are using it to clean and stubborn stains like dried-out Blood, using it on a smaller area to see its reaction is recommended.
  • If you see the color and the texture of the carpet changing, do not use hydrogen peroxide, and call professional cleaning services.
  • Use a cotton swab to slowly dip the cotton in the solution and dab it on the stain to blot the bloodstain. Once the entire liquid gets absorbed, wait for a couple of minutes before using a dry clean cloth to dab it and then dry.

4. Using OxiClean

This is a DIY hack to successfully clean dried blood splatters without harming the fabric of the carpet. It uses a composition of an equal amount of Oxyclean and warm water; once the compounds mix thoroughly, allow it to rest for 3-5 minutes before using a swab to blot the stain. Once the liquid seeps into the cores of the rug, wait for another couple of minutes before using cold water to blot on the stain and then allow it to dry. This remedy can be used on other hard stains like red wine, coffee, etc.

5. Using vacuum cleaner and water:

This hack comes handy in case you have none of the above solutions to clean the tough bloodstain. Use a wet cloth to blot the stain. Once the liquid seeps inside the carpet thoroughly, allow a couple of minutes before blotting it completely dry. The idea is to remove all levels of moisture from the stain, so as to not allow the stain to spread.  Once the humidity disappears entirely with the help of a drier, vacuum the stain from the top. Repeat the process until the stain fades out entirely.

Apart from all these hacks, certain specific ingredients like vinegar, salt plays a very essential and active role in making the stain fade away. Thus, these powerful agents can remove those tough stains without hampering the carpet fabric.

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