7 Manly Home Decorating Tips For Guys Who Are Clueless

The design world is getting bigger each day, and designing a home to bring out a masculine feel is now easy. Men have several options to take up to create their living space suit their interests. The use of hard furniture and excessive use of dark colors is the perception of how a man’s home should be. But this idea is now outdated, and several trends are coming up to bring out a charming home that is masculine and still female-friendly.

Several men face a significant problem in trying to make their living space attractive. They end up overthinking, making the process complicated for such a simple process. Below are some manly home decorating tips for clueless guys:

How to Upgrade Your Living Space as a Man

  1. Consider Comfort

The space you are trying to alter must be attractive. Install items that bring comfort first to the home. Transforming the way something looks is easy, but bringing out how one feels about it isn’t easy. Ensure that the items installed are easy to use. 

After deciding on what to install, you can now arrange the items in your living space nicely. Put together items whose uses complement each other to avoid unnecessary movements each time you need something. There are several arrangement designs you can choose to make your home more comfortable.

  1. Go Vintage

Vintage items might be considered old fashioned, but they have become the new norm in the design industry. There are several vintage-themed homeware and wallpapers that are cheaper than modern furniture but will still bring out an attractive look. 

Purchase old sofas, desks, cabinets, and wardrobes. One can do some little refurbishing but avoid altering the original look by repainting using the actual color or replacing the old leather with a similar one.
The good thing about vintage furniture is that they are durable compared to modern furniture.

  1. Use More Permanent Furniture

Having space that can accommodate you plus guests is essential. Using foldable chairs and crates makes your room dull and gives you more work rearranging the house often to accommodate any guests coming into the house. Think of purchasing more permanent furniture such as seats.

When buying the homeware always look at the comfort offered by the seats and the utility. Apart from the two always consider the message that the homeware chosen sends to the visitors. Mismatching is perfectly okay since it gives the room a more masculine feel. Make the room feel more collected rather than decorated.

  1. Display One’s Interest

When decorating the room, ensure that the decor items display one’s interest and likes. Consider the space more personal. If you are a music lover, show it off by decorating using musical instruments such as a piano or a guitar. One can also hang wall photos with pictures of items they love or have an interest in such as cars or planes.
Avoid pictures that are sensitive or display a feeling of biasness towards a specific group of people. Avoid photos of terrifying comic characters since they create a scary feeling. Go for classy pictures such as reprints of movie covers.

  1. Install Fewer Items for Home Decor

As a beginner, it is essential to take it slow when decorating your space. Avoid purchasing several items that will make your room look small and congested—only buying necessary things that you need. The items you buy must be quality and durable to avoid frequent replacement of worn-out homewares.
After that, you can add the extra stuff that you might need to enhance the attractiveness of the space. 

  1. Design a Mini-bar

A fully stocked mini-bar is something every man should have in the house. It can be in the form of a cabinet or even a simple tray on a counter-top. It shows one’s level of taste and preferences. It also displays the current personal situation. One does not need to have a full cabinet of expensive liquor. You can opt for a few wines that express your taste. Search through the internet for different mini-bar designs that fit you. 

  1. Create a Sustainable Home

Purchase items that are eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly homes are more attractive. Show people the level at which you use solar for lighting—purchase decors made from recycled materials such as old tires designed to tables. 

Ensure that the space receives natural lighting and ventilation from the outside. To ensure this, do not put large furniture on your windows that may block natural lighting or the free flow of air into the room. Find out to make your home sustainable and environmental friendly. 

Why Upgrade Your Living Space

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