6 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Fine Art

Fine art is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. What better way to appreciate the art than to use it to decorate your home. Finding artwork that you enjoy can be easy, but figuring out how to display it in your home can be challenging. It can be hard to decide how to display art once you become the owner of a treasured piece of art. 

Art experts have different tips and tricks for the best ways to decorate your home with fine art. Every home has its own unique style but there are certain strategies you can use to help the fine art in your home both blend in and stick out to add interest and style to your home. You can also work with experts at galleries and use their expertise to help you choose how to decorate your home with fine art. 

#1: Work With an Art Gallery

When looking for tips and tricks on how to best decorate with fine art, working with the experts is the way to go. Artists and art dealers that work in art galleries are the true experts at how to display art around your home. 

Places like Delray Beach Art Gallery not only have unique and stunning artwork for you to invest in for your home, they can also give you tips on where and how to display the art. Working with experts means taking the guesswork out of how to display fine art in your home. 

#2: Focus on the Focal Point 

As you add to your art collection, you want the art to be displayed prominently in your home. But it can be hard to know where exactly to place artwork when you first purchase it. Decorators advise that making larger pieces of art the focal point of the room help bring interest to the artwork while also helping to keep the room spacious and open. 

If you have a larger piece of art, placing it above a large piece of furniture such as your sofa or the bed in the bedroom can help draw the viewer’s eye to the art giving it the prominent location it deserves. 

#3: Choose the Right Framing 

The style of frame that is used with fine art can change the coloring and feel of a piece of art. If there is a piece of art you love but you aren’t sure how to tie it in with the rest of your home decor, choosing the right frame can help. 

Not only does the frame matter for how you protect the fine art in your home, but the style of the frame can help make a more traditional piece of fine art feel modern and vice versa. Even if you use traditional wooden frames, different types and colors of wood can change the appearance of the artwork. 

#4: Use the Leaning Strategy

Any artist will tell you that styles can change over time. This is also true for interior decorating and your own preferences as a homeowner. One tip from decorators is to lean artwork up against a shelf or mantle.

 Using the leaning strategy means you are not just committing to one location in your home. This not only keeps things interesting when it comes to your decor, it also gives you the flexibility to move your fine art pieces around the home when you are ready for a decorating update. Styling artwork on bookshelves and hanging shelves is another option to help display smaller pieces or numerous pieces of art at once. 

#5: Choose Quality Over Quantity

While it can be tempting to display a bunch of artwork all in the same room, this decorating strategy can take away from the quality of the art. Gallery walls can be a great decorating tool, but when it comes to fine art less is sometimes more. 

Decorating with fine art means focusing on using the pieces that feel the most authentic for your personal interests and style. Choosing fine art is a process and once you find the pieces you enjoy, the quality of the art matters more than how many pieces you have throughout your home. Focus on displaying your favorite pieces of fine art in the rooms you use most in your house so that you can cherish and enjoy the pieces of art you like the most. 

#6: Mix and Match Textures and Colors

Some of the most stunning displays of fine art seem like they have nothing in common. Having a theme to decorate with can be helpful, but being willing to think outside the box and mix and match colors and textures of art adds unique interest to your decor. 

If you have a piece of fine art done with watercolors and another made with oil paint, pairing those two pieces together can add interest to your decor. If there is a room in your home with a lot of neutral colors, adding a pop of color with fine art can brighten up a dull space. Play around with the colors and textures of your artwork to add creative flair to your home decor. 

When you invest in a piece of fine art, you are investing in a part of your home decor that you will cherish for years to come. How to display your artwork doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to these tips from experts and designers. 

Remember that using focal points and mixing and matching styles can help you choose where and how to display your art. It is also helpful to get advice from the experts at art galleries. And if you are hesitant to commit to a location, you can always try the leaning strategy to see where the piece of art fits best in your home. Once you find the perfect location for your pieces of art, you can relax and enjoy admiring the artwork. 

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