5 Things to Consider When Building a Chook House

Chook sheds or fowl houses is the best way to secure your chicken coop and provide the friendly birds their own dedicated space to thrive. If you are looking to build a chook house – whether your flock needs an upgrade from an ailing coop or you are embarking on raising chickens for the first time, there are certain things you need to incorporate into your chook shed plans.

Visit website here to know how you can build a low maintenance, secure and long-lasting chook house. Here are some things to consider when building a chook house for a long and happy life for your special flocks:


  • Assess your Requirements


Before you embark on designing a space for your chicken coop, you need to consider the below basic requirements:

  • The number of birds that need to be housed – As a thumb rule, a coop requires at least two to three square feet of space for each bird to enable free movement.
  • Consider the type of breed – Certain smaller breeds such as Bantam chickens require less space as opposed to larger breeds that will need extra space up to 10 square feet.
  • Weather: Also, consider the weather of your region. Should it need insulation against extreme cold conditions or need to be elevated due to frequent rainfall? Besides, what level of ventilation is required?


  • Pick the Right Base Materials


Chook houses are typically made with metal, wood or plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. While wood is cheaper and easier to assemble, plastic is lighter and easier to clean. On the other hand, a metal such as steel enclosures are great for heavy winter conditions and not susceptible to condensation. Pick the right material according to your personal preferences.


  • Choose a Perfect Blueprint


Once you have narrowed down the specifications of the coop, it’s time to explore the details of the design. Visit the website of an expert to explore several chook house designs and blueprints available online that come with a variety of features. Some handy features include removable floor trays for easy cleaning, layer boxes to collect eggs, and a wooden perch to strengthen your chooks feet.

Also, pay attention to ventilation since chickens are prone to respiratory infections. Invest in a durable and reinforced mesh enclosure that offers plenty of ventilation, whilst securing the flock.


  • Location of the Chook House


An ideal chook spot has to start with a flat and leveled ground with relatively fewer plants around it. Also, find a shady spot so that the coop can sustain extreme weather conditions.


  • Install and Assemble


Most chook sheds come with easy to assemble panels that make installation a breeze. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and screw the separate panels together. Alternatively, you can also opt for installation services to help you secure the right spot for the chook house and take care of other details.

Consider the above factors to have your chickens laying well and staying happy. Building the perfect chook house requires the right knowledge and equipment. Visit the website of an expert to get started on your next chook house project and guide you through the best home solution for your flocks.

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