10 living room friendly wall decor ideas

Living room, the most visited space of your house. Even we sit and relax first in our living room as soon as we return back from our offices. Our get together parties our celebration weekend chilling friends coming over everything happens all in our living room so don’t you think living room should be well decorated? Well, your living room should be decorated in a way that is presentable and also refreshes your mood whenever you visit it.

There are several ways to make your living room look presentable, even if you’re renting, says Keyrenter property management company in Dallas. say you can use different textures or wall paints or any wall decor accessories. Today I am specifically here with some interesting wall decor ideas for the living room, I have listed down in this article head down and check them out.

10 living room friendly wall decor ideas

  • Install Wall Shelves

    Installing Wall shelves will not just create extra storage space but also it is a great update in wall decors for living room. You can place your books well organized or some aesthetic decor accessories or some of your beautiful captures in frame over your wall shelve and it will up the look of your simple Wall Shelve.

  • Try Macrame Wall Hangings for living room wall

    Currently there is a hype we get to see around bohemian or boho style decor. Macrame wall hangings can do this job just perfectly. They add a boho touch to your living room by just staying on any of your wall.

  • Texture art wall decor

    Textures and art on your wall creates a center point. Anyone that visits your living room will have its all eyes first on the wall that has a texture art because it is visually interesting and quickly grabs your attention.

  • Huge Arts

    Apart from texture art anything that is huge grabs attention faster and that’s why people are adding huge and oversized arts in their living room. The oversized art that you choose for your living room wall decor can be a scenic landscapes or handmade art works that are interesting and captivating.

  • Pressed Plants – aesthetic wall decor

    While choosing décor for your living room consider botanical décor like pressed plants. Botanical décor has the ability to add life in any place they are placed in so adding them in living will turn out to be a good choice as they add life and give a refreshing vibe.

Pressed Plants as wall decor can add life and fresh vibe to your living room

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  • Photo Frame Gallery

    If you have your clicks that are perfect, attractive and aesthetic then with that you also have another idea to decorate your living room wall. Frame all your amazing clicks and create a photo frame gallery in your living room.

  • Wooden Signs

    Creative minds want their space also to have some creative element. Wall décor like wooden signs that have motivating and positive one words or quotes written and beautiful calligraphic font are perfect to add creativity in your living room. Also, these positive wooden signs will add a positive mood in you whenever you are relaxing or lounging in your living room

  • Colorful Dinner Plates for Your living room walls

    Colors can turn everything into fun and cheerful. You must have seen people using colorful plates as wall decor for their living room it’s because colorful dinner plates make a great and unique wall decor and also this wall decor is pocket friendly.

  • Sconces – elegant wall decor inspirations

    Wall décor is not just limited to photo frames and wall hangings, you can elevate your living room walls using lights like sconces. Sconce lights are mounted on your living room walls so they don’t occupy or clutter up your living room. Modern Sconces make an elegant wall décor for your living room.

  • Rug wall hanging

    Want to add a vintage touch in your living room Old style or old fashioned décor like rug wall hangings will do the work. Rugs are used as wall décor to add a vintage touch in living room. Also, using rugs adds on texture in your living room and since textures capture attention quickly rugs will be a perfect wall décor for your living room for a vintage touch and textures.

I hope that the above mentioned decor ideas in our article for living room have helped you to decorate for your living room. Tell us your suggestions and which idea from our article you liked the most. We have also got you covered with some amazing blue sofa ideas for your living room so do check it out. Thanks for reading.

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