10 Types Of Rings Women Can Choose From To Complement Their Gorgeous Outfits

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10 Types Of Rings Women Can Choose From To Complement Their Gorgeous Outfits

Women’s in India decorating them with jewellery is not only a conventional tradition but also holds a lot of values to each and every jewellery piece worn. Possibly no other accessory contains such depth meaning as the finger rings in India. The ring is connected to the woman wearing yet it conveys broad messages about the society in she lives in. Rings are a great sign of personal identity and serves as the mark of social status. It also has personal significance related to bonds of marriage and religious devotion. Although ring hold values and significance it is a stunning accessory that enhance the look and makes you look beautiful.

Importance of wearing Ring on Ring Finger

According to Hindu beliefs fourth finger from the thumb is connected directly to the brain neuron cells and while wearing ring on this finger creates metallic friction which is said to help women in attaining good health and handle life with confidence. It is also believed that the ring finger (fourth finger) is directly connected to the heart, this helps in controlling emotions. Nowadays, Women wear different stones for various health benefits that are attached to variety of gem stones in India.


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Types of Rings

1. Gold Rings:

Gold rings are said to be the traditional Indian ring that are worn for auspicious day like puja, wedding, baby shower and also as a daily fashion accessory. Nowadays it is available in variety of designs, styles and combinations. You can opt for the right one according to your choice and preference. Types of gold ring you should know:
Yellow Gold Ring
• Rose Gold Ring
• White Gold Ring
• Two-Tone And Three-Tone Gold Ring

2. Diamond Rings:

Diamond rings can be classified in various ways, but the most often classifications are based on type of setting, metal used to make the band, design, shape and cut of the diamonds. Take a look at these types of diamond rings you should know before buying:
• Solitaire rings
• Rings with side diamonds
• Pave diamond rings

3. Silver Rings:

After gold rings one of the most common and popular ring in India is Silver ring. It was earlier worn by those who couldn’t afford the gold one, but know it is the one that is worn by the richest and the middle class. It is worn by all age group women as daily as well as party wear accessory. All you have to keep in mind while buying the silver ring is the type of silver used in it. Here I have mentioned some silver types:
• Fine .999 Silver
• Sterling .925 Silver
• Argentium Silver
• Coin Silver
• Silver Filled
• Silver Plated
• Nickel Silver

4. Pearl Rings:

These treasures of the sea confer a remarkable radiance upon those fortunate to wear them. Pearl earrings are one of the best rings to be styled with stylish outfits also a perfect gift for any occasion. Pearl rings come in a dazzling array of styles and designs. Nowadays, it is a staple jewellery piece in every woman’s jewellery box in India. Pearl Rings provide the best look and also makes you stand out in crows with its natural colour, sizes, type and shape. Here I have mentioned some types of pearls you should have knowledge about:
• Akoya Pearls
• Freshwater Pearls
• Tahitian Pearls
• South Sea Pearls

5. Carved Rings:

As the name itself says it all about the type of ring, well it is the one with carved designs in the band. It is one of the ancient types of ring in India and till date it is loved by women across the country. Generally women opt for this type of ring on for engagement ceremony and also different auspicious ceremonies. It is also one of the best gifting accessories. Here are some common carved designs:
• Flower Carved Ring
• Intricately Carved Ring
• Simple Design Carved Ring
• Vintage Carved Ring
• Circular Carved Ring

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6. Gemstone Rings:

We all have heard that our birth stone have lot of special powers and one should be wearing it for better future. But along with all this myths and significances of gemstones it holds great natural beauty which in return beautify your look too. Gemstones come in colours of rainbow and look magnificent. I would love to advise you to opt for a Gemstone ring not because of myths about future but as a fashion accessory. Here are some gemstones you should know:
• Garnet
• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Emerald
• Ruby
• Sapphire
• Tanzanite
• Moissanite

You can know more about Zen Moissanite here.

7. Band Rings:

Band ring is the simple and classic ring that looks elegant and sophisticated. It can be styled with any outfit for any occasion as it will surely make you shine out with simplicity. Band rings are becoming very popular amongst women these days due to its style and elegance. here are some Band rings you should own:
• Engagement Band
• Eternity Band
• Half Eternity Band
• Wedding Band

8. Cluster Rings:

Cluster ring is a collection diamond or pearls on a band. It looks stunning because of its incredible design and styling. It looks very beautiful and amazing when compared to single piece rings. It has become popular across countries recently and is also loved by women for their engagement and wedding ceremonies. It is the idle one for parties and reception ceremonies. Here are some types of cluster rings:
• Gold Cluster Ring
• Diamond Cluster Ring
• Pearl Cluster Ring

9. Knuckle Rings:

Knuckle rings are also known as midi ring, tea ring, memories ring and first-knuckle ring. It is worn above the middle joint instead of low on the fingers which makes it a contemporary trendsetter. It gives a sense of class, enhances the look and also draws attention. All you have to do is style it right with right outfit on right occasion. Here are some Knuckle rings you should know:
• Silver Knuckle Ring
• Gold Knuckle Ring
• Diamond Knuckle Ring
• Chain Knuckle Ring
• Beaded Knuckle Ring

10. Multi Finger Rings:

multi finger ring as the name suggests is a ring that’s worn on more than one finger. The designs of this type of ring are very modern and fresh, that the reason why it attracts women towards it. It is one of the trendiest accessories of this time. It can be style with Indian ethnic wear and also with western wear. Multi finger ring will enhance your look with great ease and make you a centre of attraction. Here are some Multi finger ring types:
• Chain multi finger ring
• Two finger ring
• Three finger ring

Rings – A Must Have Accessory For Women To Elevate Your Outfit
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Beautiful Rings To Symbolize The Start Of Your Happily Ever After!
10 Types Of Rings Women Can Try With Gorgeous Outfits
10 Types Of Rings Women Can Try With Gorgeous Outfits!
10 Types Of Rings Women Can Try With Gorgeous Outfit
10 Types Of Rings Women Can Try With Gorgeous Outfit.
10 Types Of Rings Women Can Choose From To Complement Their Gorgeous Outfits
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10 Types Of Rings Women Can Choose From To Complement Their Gorgeous Outfits
Rings are a great sign of personal identity and serves as the mark of social status. Here are few must have rings for women to elevate your outfit.
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