SRK’s Raees Look

best looks of srk from raees

Shahrukh Khan (SRK) is a wonderful actor. It is an absolute joy to watch him on screen. His passion for his art and for cinema is communicated through his dedication to his craft even after becoming the King of Bollywood. Whether it is his lover boy look in DDLJ or his awe inspiring look transformations in Fan where he plays a double role, that of a superstar and the superstar’s fan.

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Today we are going to explore his look for Raees. The film is set during the late 70’s and early 80’s. A lot of the iconic fashion trends of those times are incorporated by designer Sheetal Sharma.

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SRK is seen sporting a Pathani Kurta and salwar for most parts of the movie. The look is clean, simple yet powerful. It comes to life in the movie. Beautiful and subtle use of colors for SRK’s Pathani makes him look like the King of that era. We see him sporting either a really cool pair of glasses that really compliment his look or some iconic eyewear of the 80’s. The costume adds to SRK’s character and makes the feel of Raees more relatable and believable.

Shahrukh looks raw, rugged and handsome. The bootlegger, the small town boy, the risk taker all come together to create an iconic look for Shahrukh Khan!


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