Military Ball Gown Shopping Guide: What to Wear

Even if it is not the first time, you might be attending a Military Ball, however, deciding what to wear in this type of event can be quite challenging. The prom events are one of the celebratory events that are celebrated to honor the military services for a particular unit. So, it’s not about you but your loved ones that you need to dress up properly in the sweet 16 dresses. Take all your time to put on the best dress and ensemble together all the appropriate accessories that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

What exactly is the Military Ball Attire?

Military balls are the formal white tie events attended by the white collar people. So, the service members will be wearing formal uniforms in the gathering. However, for the ladies, the military spouses, and the dates, have to traditionally wear the most formal dresses to look better with your dates or spouses. The ladies can opt for the formal dresses for this special ocassion. You can choose the floor length or the short length dresses just below the knees. Don’t go for short dresses and opt for the cocktail or the semi-formal dresses, along with the right hair, makeup, shoes and jewelry. You can easily go for the long sweet 16 dresses.

What you should wear?

These are the options you can go for when attending a Military Ball –

  • Full-length dresses, below the knee or the knee length dresses, choose the dresses in which the booty doesn’t show whenever you bend over.
  • Always try to match out the colors, as per your date’s uniform but do not clash with it.
  • If you are checking out the bridesmaid dresses, you can go for many options.
  • Always go for the proper fitting dresses as this will eliminate you from all the tapping and pulling during the Military Ball.
  • The sweet 16 party dresses can be a perfect fit for the event.

What are the things you shouldn’t wear?

  • Avoid the dresses that show too much skin.
  • Avoid the dresses that are completely sheer.
  • Avoid short dresses
  • Avoid dresses that show off your cleavage.
  • Avoid dresses that are too distracting.
  • Avoid the neon and the wild prints as well.

Guide to the Military Ball

Here are some of the dress styles that you can choose for attending a Military Ball –

Gatsby Evening Gown – For the special event, you can have the adorable Black Gatsby evening gown with a material that is stretchy, so that even if you go up or down for a few pounds, it doesn’t matter. Such a dress will fit you up perfectly and will give a classy look to your personality for sure. If you want, don’t buy anything flashy or full of sparkles. You can buy a black dress with a slit on the leg as it will make you appear sassy yet classy. You are definitely going to get a lot of compliments if you wear such a style to the Military Ball.

Elegant Sleeveless Evening Dress– A sleeveless dress for the gathering would be apt. It won’t be showing much skin and the best thing is you can wear gloves or a scarf with it if you want. You can match up the accessories like a watch, or a pendant or something for the hands in an elegant sleeveless evening dress. It would be great if you select a color next to the uniform of the service member.

Floral Lace Sleeveless Halter Long Dress- The halter long dresses with the floral lace around are going to be awesome. Anything floral is never considered out of fashion and will compliment better with the service member’s uniform. It is going to make you look adorable and if you select a color that is less shiny or distractive, it would look pleasant for sure. You will blossom well in the pastel shades combined with the halter neck style.

Long Formal Mermaid Evening Dress– This style is one of the most often worn to the Military Balls. The best part about it is that these styles come in various colors and sometimes, these dresses also have the in-built bra that is always a plus point because then you will not have to buy one, especially for the dress. The pastel shades and the less bright colors will make you look attractive in the gathering. This is one of the most common dresses that ladies wear to formal events. Also, if the dress is too simple, you can wear matching earrings or a necklace to go with it.

Scoop neck Black lace Applique Evening dress – It might not seem good hearing about it, but when you look at the women wearing it, you will feel blessed. The dress is actually very great and will make you look amazing in the best possible manner. The lace applique is something that will add more grace to your life. The back of the dress is quite fascinating. Black is one of the most fascinating colors that will highlight you in the party for sure. This is one of the most attractive dresses that you could easily wear to the gathering.

One shoulder Ball dress – This is one of the dresses that is not a mermaid style. This dress is going to make you feel awesome at the event. The one shoulder ball dress is classy and elegant. You can buy it in pastel shades and of course, you don’t need to wear a bra in this one. Always select a material for this dress which is less prone to wrinkling. The bottle green color will also look amazing with a hint of light makeup and some accessories to go with it. You can carry a clutch along with it. If there is a light beading sequence or a lace to compile with it, you are going to shine throughout the event. The simplicity of the dress is one of the best factors of this dress.

With this Military Ball gown shopping guide, you are going to look magnificent at the party.

What are you waiting for? Gear up for the Military Ball!

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