How to Take the Best Care of Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement is likely one of your most prized possessions. In addition to the cost of purchasing the jewellery, an engagement also holds sentimental value for couples. Engagement rings symbolize the commitment between two individuals and represent a start of a new journey. So, you want to take the best care of your engagement ring to prolong its life.

It’s not unusual for engagement rings to lose their shine, become prone to scratches from wear and tear, or get lost. But the last thing you want is your engagement ring to be affected by your daily activities. The good news is you can prevent damage to your ring by learning to take care of it. Consider the following tips for maintaining your engagement ring’s quality.

Frequently Clean Your Ring

Although you don’t need to scrub your ring every week to maintain its shine, you must lightly clean it regularly, especially if you wear it when you’re working. Keeping your ring dirty is not doing the stone justice, as it could lose its sparkle or appear dull. Building of oil or dirt due to lack of cleaning may block the light interactions in the stone, restricting the stone from displaying its beauty.

Cleaning your ring isn’t intensive and only takes a few minutes. The cleaning process and frequency can vary depending on the gemstone you have, so it’s best to do your research or consult your jeweller for the best cleaning techniques. Typically, stones like diamonds can be cleaned in a few simple steps. The steps involve soaking your ring in water and dish soap for 20 to 40 minutes, gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush, and air drying it by patting it with a soft cloth. Be careful not to scrub your ring aggressively or over-clean it, as this can do further damage.

Take it Off When Necessary

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your ring most of the time. After all, it is a unique piece of jewellery that illustrates your commitment to your partner. However, occasionally removing the ring may be helpful to avoid scratching or losing it. Some occasions you should take your ring off are while participating in sports, exercising, washing the dishes, or cleaning your home.

When you take your ring off, be careful not to place it in a location that isn’t visible. Keep it in a safe space to avoid losing it. If you’re at home, the safest spot to put it is in a ring or general jewellery box. Be extra cautious if you have a pet because many four-legged babies have a habit of swallowing shiny things!

Reach Out to Your Jeweller for Repairs

No matter how cautious you are, it’s not unusual for a ring to lose its color or get damaged over time. The good news is you can take the ring back to the jeweller for service and repairs, depending on the terms you agreed to when you purchased the ring.

Reputable jewellery stores like Made You Look have a flexible policy when it comes to service and repairs. They are always ready to entertain any type of service or repair due to their expertise in the field. In fact, the Made You Look team consists of professional goldsmiths with decades of experience handling both precious and custom jewellery pieces. Some services they offer for rings include checking and cleaning, repolishing and refinishing, sizing, re-tipping, re-shanking, and replacing or resetting lost stones.

Your engagement ring is a valuable element of your life, and treating it with the utmost care only makes sense. Implement the steps above to keep your ring looking brand new even several years after the purchase!