A Guide to Basic Ring Wearing Etiquettes

Rings are one of the most loved pieces of jewelry in the universe. Real diamond rings and classic gold rings for girls have an insane following. Women love and admire bejeweling their fingers with rings. Available in a wide variety, rings are a statement pieces to wear. Each capsule collection of women jewelry is incomplete with a ring. Moreover, there is a ring style to accentuate every finger and every hand. 

But not everyone is fortunate enough to know the basic etiquettes of wearing a ring. Often, women simply put on a ring. However, there is something more to it. Interested to know? 

Read through the information below to know the basic dos and don’ts of wearing ring stylistically. 

Let’s get started….

Here comes the Dos:

– There are multiple rings styles, so wear them accordingly. 

    • Wear a solitaire ring with a strapless dress. 
    • A Halo ring is ideal to complement your formal or cocktail look. 
    • Wear geometric rings with simple minimal ensembles.

– Wear rings from precious metals only. 

– Coordinate your ring metal and design with other jewelry you are wearing. Practice the same when wearing multiple rings in a single hand. 

– If your ring sports a large stone, then consider wearing it on a middle finger.

– There is no blanket rule on wearing rings in fingers only. But you can put it into your necklace too in place of a pendant.  

– Balance your ring with other jewelry. Wear a ring and watch in one hand and bracelet in the other hand. 

– Wear a silver ring if you have cool skin tone and gold for warmer skin tone. 

– Match ring with your attire also- when wearing office suits, go for a decent looking ring. 

Now here come the don’ts:

 – Do not crowd rings on one hand while leaving others empty. This suppresses the appeal. 

– If you are skinny, then avoid wearing bulky or vibrant rings with large stones. 

– Do not wear bracelets with a cocktail or statement ring. 

– Do not wear gold and silver rings at the same time. Choose a single metal type as a mix-match between metals exudes a messy look. 

– Do not wear rings while performing heavy hand activities like gardening, exercising, or cleaning dishes. 

– Do not wear gaudy silver rings with a traditional outfit. 

– Do not exaggerate your hand with rings if you have short fingers. 

– Chunky rings can make your fingers appear shorter. Thus, if you have short fingers, choose slender ring designs.

– Do not layer multiple rings in a single finger. 

Summing it up…

Rings certainly make a style if worn the right way. These delicate pieces of jewelry have the potential to transform your look. Therefore, it is essential to know how to don them correctly while matching them against your outfit and other accessories.

So, next time when getting ready to style a ring, makes this guide your go-to option. This guide will help you flaunt your favorite ring fantastically.

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