Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail In No Time!

Beautiful Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle – Tutorials, Videos, Outfits To Pair With, etc

Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail In No Time!

Don’t you feel Hairstyle is a very important aspect of our day to day life? But still we don’t go for different hairstyles in fact stick to the same old hairstyle that you are making from years. It’s high time now you should go for some easy and quick hairstyles that enhance your look, better than the old of course. If you are lazy to go for some difficult hairstyles, I would suggest go for the one that is simple and easy and does not completely change your look as you will take time to adjust in that look. According to me beginners should try going for Twisted Ponytail.

Twisted Ponytail v/s Regular Ponytail

Here you’ll must be wondering why I am suggesting you twisted Ponytail over the regular one. Answer is regular ponytail is a common one and doesn’t go well with all your looks sometimes you need to opt for some other hairstyle because of that, so my whole point of saying this is Twisted ponytail adds glam and gives chic look that regular ponytail cant. You can style it with any outfit and you are ready to go! You cannot style your regular ponytail with your party wear or go for any event with it so for that the best option that you have is twisted Ponytail. It not only enhances your look but also makes you shine out in event you have styled it for.

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Two Ways to Style Twisted Ponytail

Now the question comes how to make a twisted ponytail? If someone suggests you a hairstyle you don’t mind going for it but you get confused how to make it? What are the simple and easy steps? When can I style it? Well I will be clearing all your doubts and guide you completely towards perfect Twisted Ponytail. Let me make it clear that there are two types of Twisted Ponytail that you can opt for, though the name is same the step are different. In one type you twist the entire ponytail and in other one you twist the side section of hairs.

Things you will need to make Twisted Ponytail

Hair brush to detangle your hair.
Hair comb to make sections.
Hair serum to make your hair soft and shiny.
• Hair ties to make a ponytail.
• Hair pins and to secure the hairs.
• Hair clips to hold the sections.
Hair spray to hold the hairstyle. (optional)

Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle Easy Guide

Style 1

Step 1: Using a hair brush detangle your hairs.
Step 2: Divide your front hairs into two sections.
Step 3: Put hair clips on the sections to avoid them from interfering with your ponytail hair.
Step 4: Using a hair tie make a ponytail out of the remaining hair.
Step 5: Separate the side section into parts this depends on the number of twists you want. Here I am taking three parts.
Step 6: Take one part of the section and twist it, Wrap it around the ponytail.
Step 7: Using hair pins secure the part you had wrapped.
Step 8: Repeat the process with all the parts of the side sections.
Step 9: Place the hair pins such that it is not visible.
Step 10: Use a hairspray to hold the hairstyle throughout the day. (Optional)

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Twisted Ponytail Tutorial

Here is have a Video for you’ll that will guide you to get Twisted ponytail within minutes. It is very easy and quick to go for such ponytail style.

Style 2

Step 1: Using a hair brush for detangling hairs.
Step 2: Make a regular ponytail.
Step 3: Stretch the hair tie downwards and make the ponytail a bit loose.
Step 4: Make a gap between the crown hair and the hair tie.
Step 5: Make sure that the gap is enough that your ponytail passes through it.
Step 6: Reverse your ponytail hair that goes in upward direction and bring it down passing the gap.
Step 7: This will create a twist at the ponytail base covering the hair tie.
Step 8: Stretch the hair to give it a complete look.
Step 9: Use hair pins to secure the hair if needed.
Step 10: Using hairspray set the twisted ponytail. (Optional)

Twisted Ponytail Video

Here is a simple video that guides how to make Twisted Ponytail easily and quickly without struggling to get it right.

Styling Twisted ponytail With Outfit

Once you have figured out how you are supposed to make your hairstyle the question comes how to style it? Go for Style 1 or Style 2 according to your preference and the event you styling it. Twisted Ponytail looks great with any outfit is it styled with. I have mentioned below few outfits that go amazingly well with this hairstyle.

Look 1: Style it with Off Shoulder Gowns and you will look stunning.
Look 2: Style it with maxi Skirts for glamorous look.
Look 3: Style it with Tube Tops and you are ready to go.
Look 4: For a casual day out style it with simple Tops and Denim.
Look 5: It is a perfect look for date night.

After reading and knowing about Twisted Ponytail I am sure you will surely opt for it for special occasion or as a break from your regular hairstyle.

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Try Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle Today and Give Your Regular Ponytail A Break
How To Create A Twisted Ponytail In 10 Quick Steps
Beautiful Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle – Tutorials, Videos, Outfits To Pair With, etc
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail
Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail In No Time!
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Easy Guide To Make A Twisted Ponytail In No Time!
Twisted Ponytail is easy and quick hairstyles that will enhance your look. This blog has easy guide to make a twisted ponytail
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