Style Your Three Puffed Ponytail With Perfect Outfits (With Images)

Stunning Three Puffed Ponytail – Steps, Tips, Outfit Ideas, Guide, Videos, Types, Etc

Style Your Three Puffed Ponytail With Perfect Outfits (With Images)

If you want quick, easy and super stylish hairstyle than Three Puffed Ponytail is one you should opt for. It is very versatile and trendy that can be styled in variety of ways. By making an appearance in Bubble Ponytail gained its popularity amongst women across countries. It is a great variation to the classic Ponytail as it is made by using elastics to create puffs. Basically the elastics are placed at a regular interval generally of two inches and can be set as a Side Ponytail, High Ponytail or a Low Ponytail. Three Puffed Ponytail can be styled with casuals or formals according to your personal choice and preference. It is not necessary that the number of puff will limit to three but can also extend as it is done in Bobble Ponytail. Today in my Blog I will guide through all the possible variations of Three Puffed Ponytail and how you should to go for it.

Things you will need to make Bubble Ponytail

Steps to Make Three Puffed Ponytail

Step 1: Brush properly backwards on dry hair to get rid of tangles and bumps.
Step 2: Spray some Hair Spray to get perfect puffs and also to make your hairstyle set properly.
Step 3: Gather all your hair back with a Hair Comb well.
Step 4: Make a Ponytail High, Low or side according to your preference.
Step 5: Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail base same as you do for Wrap Around Ponytail. (Optional)
Step 6: Just below your Hair Tie add one more but two inch down.
Step 7: leave two inch gap before adding more elastics.
Step 8: Make sure you leave three inch gap from the last elastic and the bottom of your hair.
Step 9: Gently pull out your hair and create a puff like effect on each section you created by using elastics.
Step 10:Pull out some hair strands around your face to get messy look. (Optional)
Step 11:Use Hair Spray and set the hairstyle to last all day.
Step 12: Put ribbons or bow at the bottom for chic look. (Optional)

Three Puffed Ponytail Tutorial

If you still have any confusion after going through the above mentioned steps, I have a video on Three Puffed Ponytail for you. This video will give you complete information about steps in easy and simple language that will surely help you.

Double Three Puffed Ponytail

For Cute and Chic look Double Three Puffed Ponytail is best to opt for as it is very easy and quick. Here i will guide how to get this hairstyle perfectly done with ease but for that you have to follow all the steps properly.

Step 1: Brush your hair well and detangle it properly.
Step 2: Use a Hair Comb to divide your hair into two equal sections.
Step 3: Follow the steps mentioned above to make a Three Puffed Ponytail on one section.
Step 4: Repeat the same with other section too.
Step 5: Set it with Hair Spray to last it all day.

Watch this video to get a better understanding about how to move ahead with double Three Puffed Ponytail

Side Three Puffed Ponytail

As the name suggests Side Three Puffed Ponytail is made at the side of the nape. It is one of the easiest and simplest variations of Bubble Ponytail; all the steps of making it are the same but the only difference here is the position. You can make it towards your right or left depending on your Choice. It looks really pretty while makes you shine out in crowd.

Bubble Ponytail in Wrap Around Style

Wrap around is a great variation added to Three Puffed Ponytail as it adds style and elegance to your hairstyle with no extra efforts. It hides your elastic with ease, makes it more attractive and also makes you shine out in crowd. All you need to do while going for this hairstyle is start with regular Three Puffed Ponytail but here after adding elastic you have to wrap around some hair strands over it and again add another elastic leaving two inch gap repeat the same while adding each elastic.

Here is a video on how to make Three Puffed Ponytail in Wrap Around Style for easy and quick understanding.

Right Outfits to style with Three Puffed Ponytail

Look 1: It will look pretty Tube Tops.
Look 2: Its always awesome if styled with Shorts.
Look 3: You will definitely look sexy if style Three Puffed Ponytail with Backless Dress.
Look 4: It looks beautiful with Swing dress.
Look 5: You will rock the look if styled with jackets.
Look 6: Get Chic look with Off Shoulder Dress.
Look 7: Pair it with blazers to keep it formal.
Look 8: Gives you stunning look when styled with A-line Dress.
Look 9: Style it with causals and you are ready to go.
Look 10: keep it simple while styling it with ripped jeans.

Tips to follow while making a Three Puffed Ponytail

  1. Try to use elastic that matches your outfit or your hair color.
  2. Use Dry Shampoo is your hair is too greasy for Bubble Ponytail.
  3. For extra volume you can do back combing gently.
  4. Go for this hairstyle on unwashed hair for better results.
  5. To add some fun you can use ribbons, bows or glittery elastics.
  6. Make sure all your puff size is same.
  7. Make sure the gap between two elastics is even.
  8. To create messy looks go for large puffs.
  9. Avoid putting your elastic too tight as it can lead to hair breakage.
  10. Carry a hair spray if you want perfect set look all day.
Style Your Three Puffed Ponytail With Perfect Outfits
Stunning Three Puffed Ponytail
10 Quick Steps How To Make Three Puffed Ponytail Hairstyle
Pulled Back Hairstyle
Three Puffed Ponytail Style For Women
Three Puffed Ponytail Style For Women
Three Puffed Ponytail Style For Women
Three Puffed Ponytail Style For Women
Style Your Three Puffed Ponytail With Perfect Outfits (With Images)
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Style Your Three Puffed Ponytail With Perfect Outfits (With Images)
If you want quick, easy and super stylish hairstyle than Three Puffed Ponytail is one you should opt for. Here are 10 tips you must keep in mind while making three puffed ponytail.
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