Some of the best Pakistani fashion designers

The Pakistan culture is blossoming, including the Pakistan fashion industry, which is gaining its popularity in the digital era, thus increasing the thirst for creativity and innovation among the industry and other fields of design. For both known businesses and newcomers, a combination of classic and contemporary designs is a constant motif. Different Pakistani fashion brands such as Maria Nasir are prevalent in Pakistani and in other parts of the world. They have introduced fresh clothes, jewelry, furniture, and home product innovations.

Below listed are some of the top Pakistani dresses designs


  • Nomi Ansari


Nomi Ansari was born in Karachi and hailed from a carpet-weaving family, which surely inspired his future career as a fashion designer. This iconography, color balance, and print design knowledge were quite valuable. After studying couture at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design, Ansari opened his Karachi studio in 2001. He’s become known for his dramatic use of color, which he encourages ladies to do by mixing and matching opposing pieces. His workshop is home to four significant companies that sell to stores worldwide. Ansari’s hallmarks include strong attention to shapes and details like zardozi and crystal embellishments, not to mention his reputation as ‘Pakistan’s King of Color.’


  • Mian Ahad


Mian Ahad’s furniture designs have won international acclaim for their beauty, exoticism, and luxury. Each item is precisely made as if it were a work of art, demonstrating a degree of ingenuity that dates back to Ahad’s days as a student at the National College of Arts. Furthermore, his travels, particularly his stay in Paris, have influenced his material, design, and color choices. It may be said that his work goes beyond furniture design to develop a whole interior concept. His designer business, AHAD Home Signature, founded in 1983, has evolved into a bespoke service for clientele that includes Pakistani high society and international aristocracy.


  • Maria B


Maria.B. began as a modest sewing unit in Lahore and has become one of Pakistan’s most well-known designer labels. Maria Butt founded the label intending to revolutionize the retail business in the nation by making designer clothing more accessible. Maria B.’s success can be seen because it has over 25 standalone stores in Pakistan and sells to six other countries. In addition to bags, clutches, and jewelry, the business has grown to include totes, clutches, and jewelry. More attention has recently been paid to ready-to-wear lines, including cotton and lawn, popular lines among her diversified collections.


  • Shehla Chatoor


Since 1995, the Shehla label has featured Shehla Chatoor’s broad abilities, from meticulously created trousseau to modern casual clothing. Chatoor appears in several fashion events, including Karachi’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Pakistan Week, where her Misaki designs were inspired by Japanese Byobu and Fusuma hand-painted screens and Samurai warrior armor. Her 2014 Samsara collection, on the other hand, included long skirts, gowns, and saris in sumptuous yet lightweight materials, revealing her typical vivid hues. As a low-cost alternative to fine jewelry, Chatoor has now established an exclusive costume jewelry collection. The eye-catching items are made to work with Eastern and Western-style clothing, including ethnic motifs, gold accents, and semi-precious stones.

In conclusion, many great Pakistani dress designers are present today, all inspired by various things and working hard to meet contemporary standards. The above listed are some of the few.

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