Guide To Master Skeleton Braids In 13 Steps (With Videos)

Sexy Skeleton Braided Hairstyle – Steps, Guide, Tips, Looks, Images, etc

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How to flaunt braided look? Which braid to go for? Which the most trendy braided hairstyle? How to style braided hairstyle with right outfits? I am sure y’all must be confused with all these questions. Well I am here with all the answers! I will be talking about one of the most amazing braid you should surely opt for, which is the Skeleton Braid.

Before I start with the steps, tips and styling, I would like to give you some background about what exactly a Skeleton Braid is. Well it is a combination of complex, layered and highly beautiful braid that is created in a new way. Skeleton Braid is one of the hairstyles that I have in my top 10 hairstyles list as you look the most photogenic with it. You may need a lot of practice to get it right as it extremely difficult to make a perfect one without practice.

Things you will need to make Skeleton Braid

Hair brush
Hair comb
• Styling cream
• Hair ties (optional)
• Hair Chips or bobby pins
Hair spray

Easy and quick Skeleton Braid Tutorial

Please do follow all the steps mentioned below properly to avoid any mistakes and get your prefect Skeleton Braid within minutes. I know it is a bit complicated hairstyle and you need lot of concentration to gain that finished look. It will need more efforts that you put for waterfall braid, upside down braid, simple and many more such braided hairstyles.
Step 1: Using a hair brush detangle your hair to avoid bumps.
Step 2: Take a medium size section of hair at the middle of your head.
Step 3: Comb that section well and make it smooth.
Step 4: Secure it with elastic. (Optional)
Step 5: Make a regular simple braid from that section of hair.
Step 6: Secure the end of the braid with hair tie leaving few inches out.
Step 7: Take a small section from right or left and pull that section through the opening of the braid.
Step 8: Take a small section from the other side and pull that section through the opening of the braid.
Step 9: Continue the same process till you reach the bottom.
Step 10: Using a hair tie secure the end of the Skeleton Braid.
Step 11: Pull out gently the sections you passed through the braid to give it a thick braid look.
Step 12: Using hair clips or bobby pins you can secure the falling hair.
Step 13: Spray some hairspray to hold the Skeleton Braid throughout the day.

Short video on how to make Skeleton Braid

Here I have a video for you with easy step by step tutorial on how to make a Skeleton Braid. If you dint understand the step mentioned above I am sure this will help.

Tips to make perfect Skeleton Braid

1. Skeleton Braid is great for long and layered hair.
2. If you have soft and smooth hairs opt for a hair spray before starting with the braid.
3. Try to make a tight braid first and then tousle it as its better than making a loose braid.
4. Make a skeleton Braid on unwashed hair as it works better on hair that is washed two or three days ago.
5. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it at the first try, Keep practicing and you will surely get it right.

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Styling Skeleton Braid with right Outfit

I know you must be having many question like How to Style Skeleton Braid? Which outfit will go well with Skeleton Braid? Which occasion you can style it? How to get chic look with minimum efforts? Well take a deep breath and read the looks mentioned below for all your questions.
Look 1: Style it with a pair of ripped jeans and a good T-shirt to keep it minimalistic.
Look 2: Style it with a swing dress and you are ready for a day date.
Look 3: Style it with blazer to rock a presentation at office.
Look 4: Style it gowns for any formal event.
Look 5: Style it with high low top and skinny jeans.
Look 6: Style it for a casual day out.
Look 7: Style it with High waist shorts and off shoulder top.
Look 8: Style it for your evening date.
Look 9: Style it with skirts and crop tops.
Look 10: Style it with your gorgeous wedding outfit.

Why you should go for Skeleton Braid?

I am sure you must be bored with the regular braided hairstyle and surely want some change. Skeleton Braid will give you chic look as it is one of the most promising and trendy braid styles you should go for. It enhances your look and adds glam to your look. All hairstyles have a different role they play to enhance and boost ones personality, Skeleton Braid is one of the best one that makes you more confident. If you style it with right outfit people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. What are you waiting for? Go for Skeleton Braid now and find the difference yourself.

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Guide To Master Skeleton Braids In 13 Steps (With Videos)
5 Tips To Make A Perfect Skeleton Braid
Guide To Master Skeleton Braids
5 Tips To Make A Perfect Skeleton Braid
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5 Tips To Make A Perfect Skeleton Braid
Are you confused and can’t decide which hairstyle to opt for. Here is the guide to master skeleton braids in 13 steps (with videos)
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