Tips In Buying the Perfect Spa Robe

A spa robe is something that we wish we could have but reality is, we do not have the time and energy to find the perfect one that would satisfy all the things that we want in a spa robe. A spa robe symbolizes luxury and relaxation and pampering, and whether you are in a spa or in the comforts of your home, it is a wonderful feeling to be enveloped in the warmth and softness of the spa robe. However, looking for that perfect spa is a huge feat considering that most department stores have a one-size fits all stock and the specialty stores are too expensive and are not even found in small towns. Moreover, spa robes appear to be specially produced for luxury spas and hotels, that the kind and quality you want cannot be easily found in stores in your area. But fret no more, here are some tips to help you buy that perfect spa robe.

Do Your Research

If you are a wise shopper, you would know that being able to see in person the item that you want to purchase is the best way to decide whether to buy it or not. So take the time to ask the local hotels or inns in your area where they source their spa robes and if this is not possible, then you can go around the stores to see if they have spa robes. After doing this, and you come up with nothing or the one’s you have seen are not up to your standards, then the next option is to research online stores.

Online stores are small and start-up businesses that cannot afford to have a physical store or those that are operating their business from their own homes. Look for such online shops and compare prices, the stocks that they offer, delivery options, payment options and reviews that were given by previous customers. Sometimes, most online sites would also put in only the positive feedback so if you can ask family and friends who may have bought from that store for their honest feedback that would give you a pretty good idea about the spa robe that they are selling. Some sites do offer free samples, so if this is available then you might want to offer to try out their products so you could actually get to see and feel it before you even decide to buy from them.

Type of Materials

A luxurious spa robe is made up of two materials, the brushed microfiber on the outside is soft and lightweight while the terry plush of the inside is thick and absorbent therefore enabling you to feel pampered and comfortable and yet sophisticated and classy. Not all spa robes are alike, therefore it is important to find out the materials used in the spa robes that your potential online store might have. Information like this can easily be found in their website. You would not want a spa robe made from silk or synthetic fiber as it will not give you that luxurious experience and feeling.


The issue in finding the perfect spa robe has something to do with sizing. In order for the spa robe to be perfect, it has to fit you perfectly. Most online stores carry different sizes such as small, medium, large but there is no way of telling how big is large and how narrow is small. Thus, you would want to order from an online store that offers you the option to submit your preferred size with specific measurements such that it will not be too long or to short, or be too narrow or too wide for your shoulders. In other words, the perfect fitting spa robe can only be had by specific measurements.


Buying from an online shop is easy, you simply just make your choice and then click the buy button and proceed to check out. Online stores should have a mechanism for ordering and returning the item. The ordering process should be brief and not complicated, in easy steps and most of all is secure. So many people have been scammed by online stores so you need to check the authenticity of the site and whether they are able to deliver the products they are selling. Even with the best intentions, sometimes what you receive in the mail from the online store is not what you want or ordered, so there should be mechanisms to return the item, either for exchange or refund of the payment made. Check also if the said process is well-documented in their website and do they respond immediately to such issues. Also, look for a store that offers a money-back guarantee for their items since in the event that you are not satisfied with it, you can actually return it without any charges. This would also indicate that the store really believes in their spa robes as they know that it will satisfy the most critical customer.


The beauty of online shopping is that it saves you the trip to the store or the post office. What you ordered will be delivered right at your doorstep and you can enjoy your purchases as soon as it is delivered. However, not all online stores are good at their delivery systems, most contract this from third-party providers and sometimes it would take a week for it to get to your hands. Make sure to buy from an online store that has the speediest delivery time so you can be able to enjoy your spa robe as soon as possible.


The most important consideration in being able to buy that perfect spa robe is of course its price. You would want value for your money, hence, it should be of high quality and yet not be too expensive to break the bank. Investing in a luxurious spa robe is cost-effective since you will be able to enjoy it for a long time and the positive experience you would have with it will continue to ease your stress and worries away.

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