Styling Tips To Get A Gorgeous Dutch Braid In Minutes

Stunning Dutch Braid Hairstyle – Steps, Videos, Guide, Tutorials, etc.

Styling Tips To Get A Gorgeous Dutch Braid In Minutes

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If you are active on social media you must have noticed Braids are in trend, women are just posting pictures with braided hairstyles. Instagram is full of these braided hairstyles isn’t it enough to know it’s time for you to upload such pictures too. If you agree, I have a suggestion go for Dutch Braids as it is stylish and elegant braid style. To stand out on social media you cannot go for the regular braid you need to move a step ahead and opt for a different one.

Dutch Braids are a better option as French Braid and Fishtail braid has become very common and normally all women go for these hairstyles. Dutch braid is nothing but a reverse French Braid. Here you have to cross the hair sections under instead of over, it may seem complex but trust me is very simple. One of the best advantage of Dutch Braid is it works well with all hair length but it is advisable to go for Double Dutch Braid if you have short hair. Read my blog to understand how it is made? How to style Dutch Braid with right outfit? What are the quick and easy steps to get it right?

Things you will need to make Dutch Braid

Hair comb
Hair brush
Hair styling gel
• Hair ties
• Hair clips or Bobby pins
Hair spray

Step to make a Dutch Braid

Step 1: Brush neatly to avoid bumps and comb your hair straight backwards
Step 2: From the hair line gather a section.
Step 3: Split the section into three equal strands.
Step 4: Under the middle strand cross the right strand.
Step 5: Under the new middle (earlier the right strand) cross the left strand.
Step 6: Now before repeating the process add a small strand of hair to the right section.
Step 7: Do the same with left section too.
Step 8: Continue till you reach the bottom.
Step 9: Secure the end with hair ties and use hair clips for falling hair.
Step 10: Use a hairspray to set the Dutch Braids.
Step 11: Loosen the strands to get thicker braid look.

Dutch Braid Tutorial

For those who dint understand the above step, here I am with the video that will help you get clear understanding on how to move about with Dutch Braids. Here in the video all the steps are quickly explained in simple language that will help you while making this hairstyle.

Double Dutch Braid

As the name suggests Double Dutch Braids are a Braided Hairstyle made by partitioning the hair into two section and then making a regular double Dutch braid with each section. This variation in Dutch Braid is very popular amongst women as most of the celebrities prefer this braided hairstyle for their promotional events, award functions or guest appearances.

Steps to make Double Dutch Braid

Step 1: Brush your hair properly to avoid bumps.
Step 2: Divide your hair into two equal sections.
Step 3: Comb both the section to straighten hair.
Step 4: Start from one section at a time.
Step 5: Follow the steps mentioned above to make a Dutch braid on one section.
Section 6: Follow the same for another section as well.
Here you are! Your Double Dutch braid is ready.

Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch Braid with buns is perfect hairstyle to wear when dressed up or for any casual occasion. It is very easy and quick, you can go for this hairstyle when out for holidays, get-togethers with friends and perfect for parties. Let me explain the steps in a nut shell so that you understand how to make a Dutch Braid Bun. It depends where you want your braid to start from it may start from the middle section or the sides. After you have figured out where you want the braid to start from go for a regular Dutch Braid, when you reach the end make a bun (Braided Bun, Donut Bun or Messy Bun) according to your preference.

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytail is another variation added to Dutch Braid, it’s also very easy and quick to opt for on rushed mornings. It can be made by following few steps; first of all you have to figure out where you want your braid to be positioned, once you have selected the area start a regular Dutch Braid, after reaching the end of the head and where the neck starts make a ponytail. You can make a Wrap Around Ponytail for better finished look that will add elegance to your personality.

Tips to follow while making a Dutch braid Ponytail

1. To make your Dutch Braid tighter hold your hands close to your head as possible.
2. To make a Braided Bun coil the Dutch braids into a bun.
3. Go for Dutch Braid on the thicker section after partition.
4. Try to opt for this hairstyle on unwashed hair for better hold that will make your braid stay all day.
5. If you don’t want to use a hairspray on your hair use styling gel.
6. Always try to match the color of the hair with hair ties and hair clips.
7. Freshly washed hair will need hairspray or styling gel to make it stay.
8. If your hair is slippery or Sleek go can opt for a Texturizing Mousse or a dry shampoo.
9. For fuller braid go for hair extensions.
10. While partitioning you can go for zigzag partition.

Gorgeous Dutch Braid Hairstyle In Minutes
Gorgeous Dutch Braid Hairstyle In Minutes
Gorgeous Dutch Braid Hairstyle In Minutes
Gorgeous Dutch Braid In Minutes
Easiest Ways To Make Dutch Braid On Yourself
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Easiest Ways To Make Dutch Braid On Yourself
Dutch Braids are high on trend right now! They are very elegant and stylish braid style. Here are styling tips to get a gorgeous Dutch Braid in minutes
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