7 Things to Consider to Slay a Double Dupatta Like a Pro

Dupattas are essential accessories to match up every traditional Indian attire. Whether it is a bridal dupatta or you want to spruce up your look for a grand event. The dilemma of a double dupatta versus a single dupatta is a choice that women find challenging. This is a big decision to make for a bride as well with both dupatta styles having unique bespoke allures. The tough task of choosing between the two haunts every bride. The trick here is knowing what look you are going for as a bride. For instance, the single dupatta is for a modish look. While the double dupatta is the ethnic look. All in all, the double dupatta wins most of the time, especially for the wedding day. Here are some ideas to consider if you choose to adorn to a double dupatta.


  • The type of outfit


As many brides choose Lehenga cholis as their go-to bridal outfit. There other ethnic wear at stylecaret that you can consider. Despite the choice you make, if the bridal outfit is light and you need to make it appear heavier, a double dupatta with heavier fabric will help it achieve that look. Similarly, to make your outfit appear lighter if it is super heavy with a lot of embellishments. monotonous bridal outfit needs contrasting colors of dupatta or similar hues for a pop-up look.


  • Consider the weight 


Having bought your bridal Lehenga for the big day. All that is left is glamming up your look and adorning your two dupattas is one of them. Therefore, from the two dupattas, there is a heavy one and a lighter one. The lighter dupatta is best worn on the head as a veil while the heavier one that is used to amp up your look is best draped on your shoulder. Some of the light fabrics for the head dupatta are net and chiffon that is comfortable considering you will have them on your head for some prolonged hours.


  • The dupatta colors


 To bring out the beauty of the two dupattas. Break the color monotony by choosing color combinations that work perfectly together. This will give your overall outfit a flawless look. Try color combinations that you love together. Alternatively, experiment with combinations that were suggested online with fashion bloggers. For instance, yellow and peach, red and mint green among others are good choices. If contrasting colors seem off for you add a touch of color to your monotone outfit with a lighter hue of the same color palette. Choose wisely to look your best and outstanding on your big day.


  • The match on your skin tone


The decision to wear two dupattas comes with its responsibilities to ace that perfect bridal look. Hence, remember that not all skin tones are the same and not every color matches your skin tone. Therefore, as you admire a picture in the magazine consider the varying skin tones to yours. Especially for the head dupatta since it is near your face it should match perfectly. Not only your skin tone but the jewelry that you will wear should match as well. A bright inner color for the head dupatta is best to reflect your face and for perfect photos. Since a dark inner color causes shadows to appear in your photos giving you a dull look.


  • The draping style 


One dupatta on the head and another pleated on a shoulder or one dupatta pleated and draped in saree style with a belt. These are some of the sophisticated double dupatta draping styles. However, there are more trending draping styles that you can discuss with your stylist to use during your wedding. Equally important, pin your dupattas well you do not want them falling over every second as you dance and move around. In case there is a reception later on you can remove the head dupatta or at least one of them to feel lighter. Plus, it will help you showcase the other firmly draped dupatta better as you enjoy the reception.


  • The season 


Depending on the season when your wedding is taking place. The double dupatta styles, colors, and fabrics are different from each other. For instance, for the winter brides an embellished velvet dupatta is comfortable and breathtaking. Use the other dupatta as a veil of any other lighter fabric like sheer or net will work fine. This will avoid you looking fatigued and weighed if you choose two heavy dupattas. Another perfect dupatta for winter brides is a pashmina dupatta for that extra warmth that you can drape in layering styles for a beautiful ensemble. 


  • The reason behind it 


Right from the start, a bride knows of how they want their bridal look to appear. Hence, the reasons you opt for a double dupatta will guide you on how to match them. This will also contribute to your comfort since you have already made a decision. A bride that does not want a double dupatta her discomfort is evident with how she will wear it on her wedding day. Thus, consider some of the reasons you opted for the double dupatta like adding a classic royal touch to your outfit. Additionally, if the double dupatta helps you cover your problem areas like flabby arms and belly fat. These reasons will help you wear the dupatta like a pro for they work wonders enhancing your look.

As shown above, choosing the double dupatta is not enough you need to consider other factors to dress it well. Once you have it figured out that you want to choose the double dupatta to the single one. Consider all the above including the length as well. No one wants the bride trampling over her dress or having short dupattas that she looks under dressed. Stand out in your double dupatta and look striking on your big day.


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