Could cat eye sunglasses make a comeback in spring 2023?

Are cat eye sunglasses due to make a return this spring?  As one of the most popular frame shapes across the last few decades, this vintage twist on a modern round frame could be considered Gen Z’s newest style trend in 2023.

The beauty of a cat eye is versatility. Whether you’re wearing jeans to a spring picnic or a dress to your meal out, cat eyes can add style to a casual look or elegance to a stand-out fit. Made popular by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and, more recently, Bella Hadid, TikTok is going crazy for these subtly classy shades in preparation for the sun to come out.

If you’re looking for a new pair of spring specs, look no further. Here are some reasons cat eye sunglasses are here to stay in 2023.

Bringing back 60s Vintage 

Did you know that cat eye sunglasses were a staple style piece in the 1950s and 60s? After the iconic Audrey Hepburn classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s graced our screens, bold and black-rimmed cat eyes could be seen all over the high street.

Since then, this timeless style has made its way back into the mainstream. As Gen Z and Millenials continue to bring back 80s acid wash and 90s flares, cat eye shades are now being sold again as a modern vintage accessory.

If you’re looking to pay homage to classic 60’s inspired elegance, it might be time to finish off your vintage look with a pair of cat eye shades.

A versatile statement piece 

Cat eye sunglasses are the perfect statement piece for any outfit. Their versatility makes them an easy accessory for a spring cottage core look or a glamorous dress for a formal occasion. 

The key here is to consider the style and colour of your cat-eye shades. Coming in various finishes, cat eyes can be chunky, with a bold frame, perfect for a pop of colour in a casual look, or made thinner, with an elegant frame finish, ideal for complementing a statement dress.

Better still, if you want to take Audrey Hepburn’s classic black framed cat eye shades one step further, why not create a monochrome outfit, finished off with pastel accents, for a true 60s-inspired look? 

A new celebrity favourite?

Cat eye sunglasses have quickly become a popular choice amongst celebrities in 2023. Taking the trend one step further are the likes of style icon Bella Hadid and pop star Selena Gomez, who have both been papped sporting classic cat eyes on the red carpet.

If you want to embrace celerity style this spring, cat eye shades are a great place to start. Causal wear is also in, so it’s time to dress up an oversized sweatshirt with eyewear that’ll steal the show. 

On the back of a celebrity push for Matrix-inspired fashion, smaller and thinner cat eye frames have also appeared on the style scene. After Hailey Beiber rocked her own take on Matrix fashion in 2022, spring 2023 could see long-line leather jackets and thin-rimmed cat eyes again go viral. 

Unisex style

One great feature of cat eye sunglasses is their unisex appeal. With such a wide variety of styles, these shades are perfect for both men and women. 

While women tend to pair cat-eye shades with formal gowns or a statement pantsuit for that added classic elegance, men opt for a casual version of the popular frame style.

With larger frames and thinner rims, cat eyes will hit the male fashion scene too this spring, especially within the high-end market. Luxury designers like Balenciaga are dropping more unisex shades this season, such as their newest BB0159S cat’s eye-frame sunglasses. With a geometric finish, this style of specs can be rocked by a powerful female while also styled well by a male that wants to accentuate harsher facial features. 

Could cat eyes be for you?

When investing in your own pair of cat eye sunglasses, choose a shape and size that suits your individual face shape. For example, if you have a smaller, rounder face, a modern, geometric style cat eye frame could help elongate your features, while those with a square face shape could benefit from a more classic, vintage cat eye that softens the jawline and draws attention to high points of your face. 

As we enter spring 2023, cat eye shades are tipped to line high street shelves. With new styles and colours to pick from, why not get creative with your sunglasses this spring? From bold pastel frames to high fashion miniature specs, it’s time to find a style that suits you. 

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