Bring The ‘WOW’ Factor To Your Appearance With Casual Yet Classy Jewelry

Basic casual jewelry is like a dessert. For a minimalist, it will be a crazy experience to find basic yet attractive jewelry that is trendy and stylish. It is an exhausting task to find minimal jewelry, as simple living is the toughest thing that one can do. This stands true with your basic look too. This is not because we can’t afford, but we get confused while deciding as there are so many options with trendy designs. Anybody will get lost in bundles of these designs while making a decision. Follow the below tips and we will help you to figure out your style and the basic jewelry that you want to wear on a daily routine.

The Statement Piece of your Style

Firstly you should consider your wardrobe and what it represents. What is the lifestyle that you follow and what kind of personality you carry? On top of that what kind of jewelry you prefer to wear. All these matters when it comes to deciding the basic jewelry selection. From the below options, find out under which section you fall to decide on the jewelry. 

  • Elegant look: Are you fond of dressing up daily? Does your outfit carry a casual look in terms of fancy clothes, pearls or diamonds, handbags and sandals, hairstyles and makeup, etc. you can tone down your fashion without visiting every shop. Log on to some of the popular brands and bring some additions of gold rings online. Try to avoid clashing of your basic jewelry with your outfit, bag, or even make-up. For example, suppose you wear a T-shirt that has a design or text on it, avoid wearing a necklace. Similarly, when you choose to wear a bracelet, it should gel with the handbag that you carry. 
  • Preppy look: If you want to carry yourself in a preppy look, you should be well-groomed every time and you should be adorably stylish. For this, you can have a heart necklace or monogram in addition to your cute outfit.
  • Statement look: If someone carries themselves in a statement piece of a jewel, they should be wearing a very simple outfit so that the basic jewel that you are wearing will stand out and give you a complete ‘wow’ compliment. It could be anything; an earring, necklace, bracelet, or a bangle. 
  • Sentimental factor: If you belong to the category of people who have a sentimental attachment with a particular piece of jewel, it becomes very difficult to take that one item off for fashion purposes. Also, it becomes difficult to get something exactly matching with that piece of jewel. So the next option for you will be to find something that can layer with your emotional piece of jewel. For example, if someone close to your heart has gifted you with pendant, and you wear it daily on a long gold chain that can’t be taken off for the sentimental attachment, you better add a necklace around it, to balance your appearance.

The Comfort of your Style

The second important factor is to find out your comfort level wearing the basic minimalist piece of jewelry. Wear something that you love and give you more confidence rather than something too heavy or with sharp edges that make you feel uncomfortable.

Variety of Jewels

Now, based on the above-mentioned factors you can choose from different categories of jewels like a heart pendant online, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can buy different types that match with each other or go with solo pieces for a statement look. 

When it comes to mix and match, there is a fine way of doing it. You shall first recognize the signs of matching the right pieces of jewelry with each other. Above all, the best way to stay trendy is to keep yourself up-to-date through different magazines and online sources.

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