Athflow Fashion- The New Loungewear Trend

“Comfy Clothing” dominated last year’s fashion and will continue to do the same this year too. But this time it’s going to be a little more fancier and you’ll have to be a little creative.This new fashion trend also has a really cool name “athflow”. According to Pinterest’s latest prediction, when athleisure means elegance -that’s athflow.

From spending a whole year in sweatpants and tees,work from home, zoom calls and meetings to finally getting back to office. This transition from couch to office was surely going to be difficult but thank god for athflow! You can now rock flowy pants,oversized outfit, casual jumpsuits to work too. All you have to do is take some style inspo and get ready to wear your comfy outfit stylishly. Add a layer of jacket, wear your pretty heels or cool shoes, put on some accessories and you’re good to go. Need some outfit ideas? Then here you go…

Here are few athflow outfits for you to try this season…

Oversized Outfits- Athflow Fashion

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Casual Jumpsuits- Athflow Fashion

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Back To Work Outfits- Athflow

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