5 Things Women Love to See in Men

Have you ever wondered what are the things that really drive women crazy? If so, you are in the right place. True, someone could say that “all is fair in love (and war)”, but that’s not entirely accurate. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of the woman you want to take out for dinner, you’d better be prepared. Luckily, there are some things that women love and that can make you score some points. See it as a starting bonus, an investment in the long term. And, without further ado, let’s find out the 5 things women simply can’t resist!


  • An elegant outfit


Men often love the suit-tie combination and its functionality. It’s a simple and high-quality outfit for corporate or formal events. But what you maybe don’t know is that, although it’s not a common choice for first dates, women actually like it every now and then. Most importantly, they love when a man dresses to impress them, whether that is for a special occasion or an important date.

Girls are very much attracted to well-fitting clothes of the right size because they find them manly. Any guy can wear a suit, but an elegant man who does not allow the suit to overwhelm him or make him feel uncomfortable is the one who stands out from the rest. And that’s the kind of charm that women notice and see as powerful and successful.


  • A nice watch


Many of us now use smartphones to mark the time, when in reality the sexiest way to do it would be on your own wrist. Every man needs a good watch because a watch is not a functional item, it’s also a fashionable accessory.

And…surprise, surprise: women love that. But don’t make the mistake to think that any watch would do the job, because girls pay close attention to detail. So if you have an effortless watch on your wrist and move your hand naturally, you can easily catch a woman’s eyes. An excellent conversation and some compliments, then, make her even more attentive and attracted to you!

The best men’s watches that women like, however, incorporate a timeless style and minimalist design. Choose one, wear it and start your seduction in style!


  • An authentic accessory


Speaking of accessories, don’t forget that women can easily fall in love with them, even if they may seem “not manly” at first sight. Think about necklaces or bracelets, for far too long associated with the gentler gender. 

At this point, you might ask yourself: “didn’t you just say that women like manly men?”. The problem is that a nice accessory doesn’t make you less of a “man”. Actually, it shows that you are willing to distinguish yourself from the rest, especially if you demonstrate taste enough to combine it with the proper outfit. And effort and uniqueness are extremely sexy. 

But if you really want to make things big, you should choose an authentic accessory. Handmade necklaces or bracelets, carefully crafted, show that you want to be original and ethical. No woman can dislike that.


  • The right perfume


A good perfume is often the number 1 factor for girls when choosing a potential partner. That’s because women’s sense of smell should never be underestimated… it is quite sensitive so you should always take it into consideration.

But how do you choose the right perfume for you? The goal is to pick up the best one based on your body chemistry. Choose a perfume that can be noticed, that enhances your movements: you may need to try a number of samples before you find one that really works. Yes, men often hate spending too much time shopping but if you want to improve your seduction skills…it’s definitely worth it. One last warning though: do not exaggerate. Your perfume has to be noticed but needs to remain discrete. You never want to steal your partner’s spotlight!


  • Shoes that leave a mark


If your eyes are the mirror of your soul, shoes are probably the mirror of your own style. A good pair of shoes shows that you pay attention to the small details and that you want to communicate your personality, always.

Based on the shoes you wear, women can interpret a variety of things about you and your character before they even start talking. Broken, punctured, or dirty shoes make you look sloppy and cheap, like someone who doesn’t spend enough time taking care of himself. And if you do that, that’s about the end of it.

Original, fashionable and well-treated shoes show that you have taste and personality, indicating a desire for status and refinement.

Remember that the type of texture and material of your shoes also play a big role. But rest assured, these are only some basic guidlines to follow if you want to steal a woman’s heart. What comes next is only up to you.

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