4 Skills You’ll Learn from Studying Fashion at College

Fashion design is the art of creating clothing and accessories. Fashion designers come up with ideas and see them through until they become finished products.  

Studying fashion at college is a good way to start for those who aspire to a career in fashion design. Students learn various practical skills, such as pattern making, fashion illustration and technical drawing that stand them in good stead for their careers as fashion designers. Here are five of the skills they learn.

  1. Fashion illustration

Fashion illustration offers a way to communicate fashion ideas in visual form. It requires an eye for detail, precision and being able to draw accurately proportioned figures from a variety of different angles.

Students usually work with a range of mediums and learn how to illustrate the human body as well as how to draw garments. They are able to find their own visual language through the process of creating illustrations from the initial concept to completion.

Learning new techniques, gaining practical insights from the work of professional illustrators, practicing skills, and sharing work for constructive discussion and feedback is part of the process. Students usually create a range of illustrations for their portfolios.

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  1. Pattern making

An essential skill in the world of fashion design is pattern making. This is the process of creating the templates from which the fabric for a garment is cut. One of the main pattern-making methods is flat-patterning.

This involves taking accurate measurements from a dress form or figure and turning them into a pattern using paper. Another common method is draping and this requires draping fabric around a dress form or figure to achieve a specific design.

Initially, it can be difficult to learn pattern making but once students master it, they can start creating garments their fellow students will admire. Here some online resources offer very useful and inspiring college fashion tips for men.

  1. Technical drawing

Accurate technical drawings require the use of specialist software, such as Kaledo Style and Adobe Illustrator. The technical drawings contain information essential for designers, pattern makers and production teams. They show the shape of the garment when laid flat without any artistic flair. Most of the time, only a front and back drawing are necessary but sometimes an internal view may be needed.

In fashion college, students will learn how to use the software to create various basic garments such as vests, skirts, trousers, jackets, coats and shirts.

  1. Trend forecasting

Trend forecasting is a necessary tool for those who want to work in fashion. It means being able to accurately predict the future needs and wants of consumers. Students learn more about the importance of fashion calendars and seasonal flow.

They also learn about how lifestyle and culture influences fashion and gain insight into how street style, bloggers and fashion influencers shape emerging trends. Students also gain an understanding of the type of data fashion trend companies use in taking a strategic approach to fashion design.

The bonus – Business skills

A successful fashion designer needs good business sense to stay within a budget and market clothing. It is important for students to learn to think about various basics such as who will buy a product, why they will buy it, how much money they will need to make a garment and what price they will sell it for.

Having business as well as creative skills makes a good combination and can open up many careers for fashion designers they may not have even thought about before.

A final word

The world of fashion design is exciting and creative but it is necessary to learn some basic skills in order to be successful. From pattern-making and illustrating to creating technical drawings, trend forecasting and acquiring some business skills, studying fashion design at college offers students the basic grounding they need. Mastering these skills gives them the opportunity to achieve their goals and be successful in their careers.

Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is a volunteer for a non-profit that’s working on the welfare of school and college students in Africa and East Asia. She’s also a very good academic writer and works with the students from all major universities helping them with their thesis and dissertation work. In her free time, she plays with her pets, visits her countryside farm and loves to swim in the ocean.

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