Wedding Attire – What Not to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

Dressing up for someone’s wedding is as difficult as dressing up for an interview. You don’t want to be over or under dressed, you just want to dress right! Most weddings now come with a dress code so you don’t have to worry much about “what to wear to a wedding”. And if at all, you get an invite without stating a dress code you can decode it by it’s venue, ongoing season, color of the invite, location,etc. Now we want you to look flawless and that is why we’ve curated a list of rules that you must abide by before getting ready for that wedding. 

Here’s what you should not be wearing to a wedding as a guest… 

  • White

The last thing you’d want to do to someone on their big day is ruin it by wearing white or cream or ivory. It’s their day so let them enjoy and steal all their attention. If you’re still a white lover then opt for pastels or tones similar to that but still avoid WHITE under all conditions(unless you want people to congratulate you too).

  • Animal Prints

Wearing animal prints to a party is cool but really uncool for weddings. If you really wish to add some fun to your look then wear the cute polka dots or the stunning stripes.

  • Anything too revealing

No matter how sexy your back looks, weddings are not a great place to flaunt them. So avoid wearing backless, deep necks, short dresses or anything that’s too revealing. In case you do, don’t forget to take a shawl or something to wrap around.

  • Sequins, shimmer or sparkling

You surely want people to notice you but not the cost of stealing the limelight from the bride right? So wear something simple or elegant and not too shimmery or sparkling.

Shimmer and Sparkling Outfits - What Not To Wear To Wedding

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  • Loud and poppy colors

Please avoid wearing loud, bright and poppy colors to a wedding even if you love them. They look nothing but gaudy and definitely not worth it. So opt for soft, sober and lighter tones instead.

Here’s what you can wear to a wedding…

What To Wear At Weddings As A Guest

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