Top 10 Best Makeup Brands In The World

Makeup is every girl’s best friend and using the right makeup product will surely make it your skin’s best friend too. So it’s important to choose products that work best for your skin and enhance your beauty. Whether you want something subtle and minimal or something bold and funky here’s a list for all of you. From pretty affordable makeup products to high end luxury there’s something for all.

So let us take you through our top makeup brands list and help you decide the best for you.

Check out these top 10 Best Makeup Brands In The World

  • Estee Lauder

If you’re looking for the perfect foundation and concealer to even your skin and cover your flaws, then we’ll surely recommend you to try Estee Lauder. Started in 1946 in New York City, this brand is now a leader in the world of cosmetics. It’s a one stop destination for all your makeup, skincare and other needs.Their products are not only innovative but also technologically advanced and highly effective.This makes it a popular choice and a favorite for many beauty professionals. 

  • L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal is a global leader when it comes to beauty. Based out of France,the company sells amazing and superior quality products at affordable prices. It offers tailor made beauty to meet the needs of people residing in all parts of the world. It is one of the world’s largest cosmetics company and concentrates on products like hair care, skincare, makeup and perfume. You can invest in their lipsticks, eyeliner and mascara without a doubt.

  • Maybelline

The word Maybelline comes from the name “Mabel” who was the sister of Thomas Lyle Williams, founder of Maybelline. The very popular Maybelline mascara has a very interesting story behind its creation. Curious to know? Then here you go- Williams once noticed his sister Mabel applying Vaseline on her lashes and brows in order to make them look fuller and longer. Her brother then added some carbon dust to the Vaseline to darken the lashes and brows.This worked out wonderfully and then he used a few proper chemicals and ingredients to make the amazing Mascara.

Today, Maybelline is one the best makeup brands in the world and has been successfully sustaining even after 100 years. It is known as a drugstore brand that provides high quality products without costing a fortune. The match-based foundations and scientific shade-specific technology makes it probably one of the top in the world. 

  • Lancome

Founded in 1935, Lancome is a French company that has paved the way for many others in terms of artistry, cosmetic science and creativity. It is a legendary name in the beauty industry. It is known for its high end perfumes and iconic makeup products. Their ability to think out of the box and provide excellent quality in everything they do is commendable. The best sellers Advanced Génifique Anti-Aging Face Serum and La vie est belle Eau De Parfum spray are surely worth a shot. 

  • Urban Decay

A trendsetter in the beauty industry with a massive fan following, Urban Decay is surely one of those top beauty brands to get your hands on. From beauty professionals, bloggers to everyday consumers this is one brand that creates a buzz among all. If you want a new, fresh and funky look then you must try products from Urban Decay.

The best part is they merchandise cruelty free products and have stores in several countries. They sell high end products and their target is usually the higher income class. Their famous Naked Eyeshadow palette is a collection of 12 eyeshadows that are neutral, natural, matte and earthy.

  • MAC 

MAC is the abbreviation for Makeup Art Cosmetics. It is counted among the world’s top three brands for makeup. It has several stores worldwide, each with a skilled makeup artists to assist. It has products to cater people from any age, race and gender.

Bold colors and creativity is what sets them apart from other makeup brands. This luxury brand is known for its popular collaborations and must have collections.

  • Dior Makeup

Dior is a French company that designs and produces ready to wear clothes, fashion accessories, boots, leather goods, perfumes and makeup. The brand first, only targeted women but now has a separate brand for men and a division for children.The brand not only excels in luxury fashion but in makeup products too. Their foundations and lipsticks are an excellent choice to begin with. They may be a little pricey but the product is totally worth the hike so give it a try.

  • Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is an American professional makeup artist and also the creator of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. It is a brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty.

In 1990, Bobbi Brown herself worked with a chemist to produce 10 shades off-natural shades of lipstick, and they were known as the Bobbi Brown Essentials. She also developed yellow tone foundations for warm-tone people and also offers lessons for those interested in the business of makeup. 

So you see how a small company that started off with just 10 lipsticks is now a big beauty brand and one the best in the world.

  •  Chanel 

You must have already heard of or bought a Chanel Bag, clothes or perfume but have you tried the Chanel beauty products? Exceptional quality and a luxury feel is all you need and expect from high end brand like Chanel. They may be a little expensive but we’re sure it’s worth every penny. Investing in a Chanel is like investing in yourself. It offers premium quality products for chic and glamorous look.

  • Nars

Another top brand that makes to our top 10 Makeup Brands list is Nars. A well known brand that brings highest quality products for its beauty lovers.

Nars was founded in 1994 by a makeup artist and photographer Francois Nars. From a time where it sold just 12 lipsticks to Barney until today where it is a multi millionaire company, the brand has surely grown by leaps and bounds. The brand’s famous Climax and Orgasm are sure to tempt you to give it a try. The quality of the products are unquestionable and will make you feel beautiful and embrace your natural beauty.